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How to Get Back in Shape After Having a Baby

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Having a baby is a wonderful and life-changing experience. But it can take its toll on your body and mind. Pregnancy changes your entire body dramatically. Although every mother is different, it’s common to gain between 10 and 12.5 kilos of weight.

You will also experience changes to your uterus, your hormones, and you may end up with stretch marks in various places. Many first-time mothers are also surprised that their pregnancy weight sticks around for a while after childbirth, and it can take some time to lose it.

It’s important to note that these physical changes are not something to fear or be ashamed of. They are a sign that you are a mother to a beautiful little baby and should be worn as a badge of honour. But it’s understandable that you want to get your health and fitness back on track and go back to the body you had before you were pregnant.

Here are a few tips to help you get in shape.

Start slowly

It’s not a good idea to start vigorous exercise immediately after giving birth, especially if you haven’t been active during your pregnancy. There is no time limit to getting back in shape so make sure you start off slow. Speak to your doctor or midwife about exercise and go by their recommendations. Get started with something easy like a short walk or swim in the morning. Once you get a feel for your body’s abilities and limitations, you can slowly start to build up to higher intensity activities like running or strength workouts.

Find the time

Before you were a parent, it was easy to find the time to exercise. But with a small person to take care of, it can be difficult to slot a workout into your busy schedule. Since you can’t just leave your child at home alone to go for a run, you’ll need to find ways to balance childcare and exercise. Get in touch with local gyms and health centres to find out if there are any mum-and-baby fitness classes you could attend. Another option is to buy a jogging pushchair, so you can take your baby for gentle runs and walks outdoors. 

Learn to love your imperfections

Stretch marks are a kind of scar caused when the skin undergoes significant stretching during pregnancy. Some mothers experience them to a greater degree than others. Many stretch marks will fade naturally over time, so you don’t need to start considering surgery or botox courses to change your appearance. But they can often leave a permanent mark that stays with you forever. Although this may be disappointing to learn, they are not a cause for concern or worry. A lot of mothers carry them with pride, and they are a sign that you have done an amazing thing in giving birth to your child. Learn to live with them and love them.

By following these tips, you will be able to bounce back from pregnancy a lot quicker and get your body back in shape.

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