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How To Improve Your Chances Of Landing A Work-From-Home Job

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One positive thing to come from the COVID-19 pandemic is how employers have become more flexible with their staff. Working from home is now a common theme that will not change anytime soon.

As you can imagine, working from home gives you the freedom and flexibility to fit your family life around your career, and you’ll also save money on commuting costs in the process!

But if you want to work from home, how can you improve your chances of landing such a job? Take a look at the following tips and tricks to help inspire you and boost your career progression options:

Find Jobs That Closely Align With Your Skills

A quick search on popular job boards will reveal many roles you can do from home. Examples include:

  • Telephone and online customer services;
  • Telesales;
  • Remote IT monitoring; and
  • Graphic and web design.

Whether you’ve stuck with a sole career specialism or are multi-disciplined across various industries, you should limit yourself to work-from-home roles that you can actually perform. Otherwise, you’re only wasting your time and that of an employer.

For instance, if you’ve got an IT background, avoid telesales jobs unless you’re good at selling!

Supercharge Your CV

Your CV or resume summarises your professional, academic and personal achievements, along with your employment history. There is no set format that everyone should adhere to. However, some people’s CVs leave a lot to be desired!

Take the time to review your CV and improve what’s on there and how to make it tailored to each job application. Remember that your CV can make or break any application, so getting it right is important!

Polish Up Your Social Media Profiles

It shouldn’t surprise you to know that most employers do a quick Google search on prospective candidates. They do so to learn more about what they’re like outside of work and whether those prospects will likely be a good fit for their organisations.

That’s why you should clean up your social media profiles. Also, sign up for a LinkedIn profile if you haven’t already done so.

Upgrade Your Technology

You’ll likely need to connect with your employer electronically while working from home. Most people will need a reliable high-speed Internet connection, a modern computer, a microphone, and a webcam for online meetings.

Some potential employers might supply you with a work computer, but you still need to have a decent Internet connection.

Create A Permanent Office In Your Home

Lastly, employers will want assurances that your time working for them will be undisturbed when you’re at home – especially if your job involves receiving calls from customers. That’s why you must set up a dedicated office in your home.

Many people convert a spare bedroom into an office, while others may opt for building a garden office for the ultimate distraction-free WFH experience!

Final Thoughts

Taking on board the above tips and ideas will help you get your dream working-from-home job and improve your work-life balance.

Share this post with your friends!