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How to Keep your Campervan Warm for a Winter Getaway

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Once you’ve chosen a killer camper and sorted your campervan insurance, it’s likely you will want to hit the road – whether it’s sun, rain for snow, a campervan break is perfect for some quality time with family or a peaceful retreat on your own.  But before you set off, you may be wondering how to keep your campervan cosy… 

Winter adventures offer spectacular scenery, guarantee limited crowds, but they can also be quite cold!

Anyone who has hanged around a camp during the UK winter understands the season can get downright freezing. 

With the following tips, you should be able to stay warm even during the coldest of days.

Photo by Florian Schreiber on Unsplash

1. Pack Some Puffy Jackets 

When it comes to clothing, never leave the house without a synthetic insulated or lightweight puffy jacket. 

You may find you prefer down jackets as they are the warmest but synthetic jackets will also do the trick as they are nice and toasty. 

You will find them to be lightweight, packable, and ideal for varying temperatures.

2. Insulate the Camper Walls 

For most people, this will appear like the most obvious resolution when dealing with the cold winter days. The metal walls on your camper or bare motorhome will begin leaking heat through the sheer metal walls. 

Ensuring the van is properly insulated will assist in ensuring you stay warm and also make it easier to tackle the cold weather. 

If the van is already insulated, then you and your family are well on your way to enjoying your nights in the campervan.

3. Comfortable Rugs 

It pays to ensure that the floors in your camper are padded with wooly rugs to provide extra protection from the frigid and thin camper floors.

Even though it may take you a while to figure out how to place them, when you finally do, you can trust them to offer protection from stains and spills while also keeping you warm.

4. Go to Bed with a Warm Water Bottle 

Make sure to fill-out the wide-mouthed water bottle with warm or hot water each night before going to bed.

The bottle should be placed in your bedding to help keep you warm during cold nights. You could also opt to use a classic rubber bottle, which is readily available at any local wellness store.

A warm water bottle can also serve as a remedy for pain and aches in the body. 

Photo by Luke Porter on Unsplash

5. Pack Some Thick Socks for Cold Weather Camping 

At times we pay too much attention to the other parts of the body that we end-up forgetting our feet. Thick socks are recommended when you are sitting out by the campfire.

You can also use them when sleeping in the campervan. All you have to do is pack a pair of your favorite thick, warm socks to rotate and layer through during the camping trip.

6. Extra down Comforter 

If you choose to camp during the winter season, then this is a must-have! There are those nights when you will need extra warmth, and a good way to get this warmth is by layering with a comforter.

The comforters are available in most local malls and tend to be soft and heavy. You can trust them to keep you warm during the coldest nights of the winter season. 

If a comforter isn’t your first choice, a fleece blanket will also do. All you have to do is place it under your flannel sheets and right over you. 

Photo by Tyler Lillico on Unsplash

In cases when you have to rent a campervan for an overseas camping trip, look for a heating system and a family-friendly vehicle in general. You can easily book a winter-ready camper at Cozy Campers for getting around Iceland. The family-run rental company makes their campervans warm and cozy for customers to enjoy viewing the northern lights and more.

Stay tuned for more tips to keep your campervan warm for a winter getaway.  

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