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How to Study When You’re A Stay At Home Parent

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As a mum, you’ve already got seriously limited time, but that doesn’t stop you getting bored or just wanting to kick your brain into action after what can be months (or years) taking care of these amazing little humans. Luckily there are plenty of ways that you can fit in something to get your teeth into – that don’t involve you leaving the house unless you really want to – it’s time to get that online degree.

But how are you going to fit that criminology degree online in? Well here are some top tips for the time-pushed but dedicated mother (or any parent for that matter).

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Set out a rough plan for your week. It is essential to accept up front that you might have to just throw it out of the window some days, but for the most part, a stay-at-home parents routine can be pretty routine, meaning you can predict most things. Once you have written it down, your brain will start making those times you have set aside for learning as a priority. Handy.


The school run is actually one of those times that you might arrive early, and be waiting around in the car or at the gate with your mobile in your hand. Use those moments to get some reading in. Most of us are probably guilty of scrolling through Facebook, but you could be putting that time to much better use.


This one goes without saying but when the kids are asleep is prime learning real estate. Now, if you are an early bird, start training yourself to get up that little bit earlier than you usually do. What you are looking for here is some peace, so that you can get your written work done or make the notes that will form your essays. Again, when they are in bed in the evening, is also a great time. The temptation is get sucked into the sofa and start watching the soaps with a cup of tea might be high, but really, you should be thinking about getting a jump start on your studies and also getting the most bang for your buck in terms of the course.


Playdates, soft play, sleepovers, weekends – any time that you don’t have the kids for a few hours should be allocated to your education. You are probably going to get the urge to do chores and the stuff you feel like you have been neglecting, but there should be a time slot of chores on your weekly rota that you developed earlier on.


If you little ones are of school age, and they are rarely away from you, then this is one of the more difficult ways to study. However, you can still make use of the bedtimes, soft play and early mornings.


The beauty of online study is that you can pick it up and put it down as often as you need to while you take care of the rest of the things you take care of. Just remember if you’ve got ten minutes anywhere in the day, you can fit in something!


Share this post with your friends!

David Cameron

Tuesday 11th of June 2019

Really cool ideas. And yes, online has become a boon in many different ways and one of then is online courses. Happy to know you are doing it right Nicole.