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Pregnancy Diary: Week 16

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I’m a bit late updating this week, time is really flying by in this pregnancy!

I finally had my midwife appointment this week after all the palaver of trying to book it. All my blood results were fine which was great news but my urine sample which I gave at 8 weeks pregnant showed I may have a urine infection. I’ve had no symptoms so I was surprised. The midwife asked me to do another sample and I asked when I’d get the results; at my next midwife appointment she replied. Oh yes, I said, when’s that? October 3rd. Hmmm, here’s hoping I really don’t have a urine infection! To be honest, I’ve had no symptoms whatsoever and I have suffered in the past with them so know what to look out for. I also seem to remember being told regularly that I had one during my last pregnancy but it always just turned out that the sample was contaminated so I’m going to assume the same is happening this time. It is not easy to wee in those tiny pots!

The midwife also listened into baby’s heartbeat which was amazing as I was told this wouldn’t happen at sixteen weeks. The heartbeat was nice and strong at 155bpm but it took a while for her to find as it was deep down just above my pubic bone.

This week I also got a letter informing me my next scan will be on 2nd August which is so close! During my last pregnancy the time between scans seemed to drag on forever but this time, time is going so, so fast. I’m excited to see little baba again, but we have decided to not find out what the sex is! Go Team Yellow!

I’ve been feeling pretty good in myself, my pelvic pain has been manageable and only been a problem of an evening if I’ve had a particularly heavy day on my feet and always rights itself by morning. I did mention to the midwife about it, explaining I’d suffered in my last pregnancy but she only wanted to let me know that some ‘stretching pain’ was normal. Insert eye rolls here. If it gets to be more of a problem I will go and see my GP if needs be, but for now it is still manageable.

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