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Interior Ideas: Bohemian Glam Inspiration

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Are you drawn towards the tranquil sense of a bohemian interior? Although it looks a little ‘thrown together’ it somehow manages to pull off a distinctive sophistication. Most of us enjoy an interior that is imperfect, so it feels more relaxed and homely, that’s why bohemian décor is so well-liked. But it does come with its own glamorous luxuries, such as the use of metallic accessories and rich textiles, the perfect blend of a chilled sense and affluent interior.

Wicker and sheep skin are a great route to go down. Not only do they complement each other, but present us with flawless natural products and are bang on boho style. There is loads of wicker furniture available such as: chairs, sofas, ornaments, lampshades and even rugs. Equally, sheep skin is very warm, soft and comfy- it will fit beautifully anywhere.

Plants are of course the classic boho look. Large statement plants with big leaves work a treat, the greenness complemented by bright colours such as plum and deep blue. Be daring with dark walls, they make for the perfect backdrop to your furniture, dark shades always go well with grand antiques too…

Homeowners who opt for a boho interior are really into their abstract, aztec and tribal patterns. Colours are up to you, but we’d say don’t be shy, pastel colours don’t really fit the style. A lot of boho themes are inspired by Asian styles, such as lots of elephants, tassels, brassy ornaments and lots of bold colour! Foot stools with a statement pattern, rustic style wooden floors, large lamps in the shape of an animal… really mix things up!

Lighting is an important feature to any room, most especially in a boho interior. This is your chance to really get imaginative with the light shades, it should scream ‘look at me’- you really want to give the wow factor! Match a floor lamp with a flashy chandelier. Plush fabrics, tassels and outlandish patterns will show off the boho look, whereas brassy metallic surfaces will add to the glam factor. 

You really need to go to town to fully embrace this wonderful interior style. Dim, soft lighting is another route to go down, get plenty of candles and lanterns, these will not only give you that desirable orange glow on a dark night, but decorate your space and add atmosphere.

Wood flooring of course suits any interior, so it’s time to dive a little deeper into the styles and colours that would complement your new boho room. We’d opt for a grey herringbone or a dark, rich colour to create contrast. While grey would give off a relaxed statement, a darker floor would create an elegant space that lends itself to boho style furniture. If you are wanting to get on board with the modern technology of under floor heating, then engineered wood offers the same appearance as solid wood but with this huge benefit. 

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