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Review: Elf for Christmas | Our New Magical Christmas Tradition [AD-Gifted]

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I always said I wouldn’t be a parent who invited an elf into her home over the Christmas period – I’m not one of these Mums who likes to use threats to make my children behave. However, this year the pull of having an Elf for Christmas has been too much, after all, isn’t it just the most magical thing and lovely way to build up to Christmas?

elf for christmas next to elf's first adventure book

After receiving an Elf for Christmas , lovingly created by mum of two Sarah, I’m so pleased we have chosen to introduce this Christmas tradition into our home as Dex absolutely loves his little ‘Elfy’ and all the mischief he gets up to.

Each Elf for Christmas comes as either a boy or a girl, made from quality material with rosy red cheeks and dinky dungarees. We received a boy Elf and magical reward kit alongside a magical light up Christmas Elf Door and Elf’s First Adventure Christmas book.


elf for christmas wearing green dungarees and a red hat

Each unique Christmas Elf kit includes:

  • Christmas Boy Elf Toy – a limited edition Christmas Boy Elf Toy, approx. 28cm tall.
  • An Arrival Letter from Santa – straight from the North Pole which explains why your Elf toy is here.
  • Mini Elf Report Cards – report cards for good behaviour.
  • 2 x Letter to Santa Templates
  • 2 x Official Nice List Certificates – with space to personalise the certificate with your child’s name.
  • Christmas Reward Chart & a Sheet of Elf Stickers – personalise the chart with your child’s name and choose tasks you would like them to try.
  • Beware of the Elf Sign & Santa Please Stop Here Sign
  • Departure Letter – from the Boy Elf, thanking you for your hospitality.
  • A Thank You Postcard – you can send to your children, from your Boy Elf

We love our little elf which comes with Velcro on his hands to help us to get him into weird and wonderful positions in the evening ready to surprise Dexter. The elf looks super cute and is really soft too! The behavioural items are good if you’re used to using reward charts and are using the elf as a way to promote good behaviour, however it wasn’t for us and instead we only used the arrival letter to explain why ‘Elfy’ had come to stay.

It is possible to purchase an elf without the behavioural element which is what I would recommend to other gentle parents who don’t follow use charts and other behavioural tools. They also offer a dark skinned elf too.


Elf for Christmas magical door on our fireplace

The magical elf door is a fantastic way to introduce the elf to your home and explains how the elf can travel back and forth from the house to the North Pole. It takes only one AAA battery (which is included) and the fact it lights up makes it even more magical.

The door promotes imagination, creativity and joy and comes with interchangeable stickers including messages such as “Reindeer Parking Only”, “Elves at Work – Gift Wrapping” and “Please Do Not Feed The Elves.”

We placed the door in our living room, but it makes Dex feel a bit uncomfortable that more elves could make an appearance, so he often hides it! However, this door is made with real quality and care and will last for years to come so hopefully by next year he won’t be quite as scared of the elves as he is this year!

Overall thoughts

elf for christmas elf on our fireplace

I am so pleased to have started this wonderful Christmas tradition with our boys and am delighted with our Elf for Christmas. Priced between £14.99 and £24.99, the items Elf for Christmas have on their site are really good value for money considering the quality of the products and the love that’s gone into creating them. Although not a fan of the behavioural stuff, I know a lot of parent do use these tools and I’m sure if you do use them, you will love them. Elf for Christmas have thought of everything.

Can gentle parents use Elf for Christmas? Absolutely, I highly recommend purchasing an elf without the magical reward kit and using the elf to promote kindness, play silly pranks and create magic and fun throughout the days leading up to Christmas. We simply use ours to do funny things each evening to make Dex laugh in the morning such as eating cereals, trying to climb through the letterbox and hanging from the lampshade!

Now I just need to get through the next three weeks trying to think of something funny for ‘Elfy’ to do every night!

Elf for Christmas boy elf hanging from the lampshade

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