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Little Tikes Anchors Away Pirate Ship Water Table | Review [AD-Gifted]

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Summer is here, which means only one thing…lots of toddler time in the garden with outdoor toys and nobody makes better toys for the garden than Litte Tikes. Last year we reviewed the Little Tikes 4 in 1 trike, which Dexter adored and this year, in celebration of their 50th anniversary, they sent us the Little Tikes Pirate Ship Water Table to test out and review.

Who are Little Tikes?

Who hasn’t heard of American based Little Tikes who manufacture children’s toys including the world famous Cozy Coupe! They create mainly low tech moulded plastic toys for indoor and outdoor use including trikes, toy kitchens, slides, water and sand tables and ride ons.

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What is the Little Tikes Pirate Ship Water Table?

This stunning Little Tikes pirate water table is the perfect addition to your garden for children aged 24 month to 5 years+ and is big enough for multiple siblings to play with as well as being exciting enough for a child to play with alone.

Dexter and Daddy playing with the Little Tikes anchors away pirate ship water table

The Anchors Away Pirate Ship water table comes equipped with a canon for shooting water from, two fun pirate characters who feel at home up on the crow’s nest or sailing in the boat, a bucket and cups for filling with water and splashing back out again, a squirting shark and a water pump which get waters moving from the crow’s nest down through the spinners. Throughout every square inch of this product, there is something for little hands to see, do or explore; a wonderful sensory experience for toddlers and young children.


Assembled Height: 80cm

Assembled Width: 101cm

Assembled Depth: 71cm

Weight: 8.9kg

Dexter playing with the red bucket of the Little Tikes anchors Away pirate ship water table

How easy was it to install?

The water table arrived while my husband was at work, so I got it out myself as Dexter could see from the box exactly what was inside and couldn’t contain his excitement! You don’t need any tools to build the Anchors Away Pirate Ship apart from pliers to do the plug which is one of the first bits you build, so unfortunately I fell down at the first hurdle as I was too scared that I’d somehow break the plug! That was very silly of me though as the plug is made from durable rubber and once Neil was home, he got it sorted in about two minutes and the rest of the table was built in about 20 minutes.

Dexter playing with the red bucket of the Little Tikes anchors Away pirate ship water table

What do we love about the Little Tikes Anchors Away Pirate Ship Water Table?

Dexter loves water play (I challenge you to find a child who doesn’t!) so this water table is a dream come true for him. He loves pushing on the pump and watching how the water interacts with the spinners below the crow’s nest and you can see his mind trying to understand how it all works. The small pirate figures are fabulous for role play which he is very much into at the moment and when left to play alone with the Anchors Away Pirate Ship, you’ll often hear him making up stories and scenarios for these little guys.

Close up of the pirate figure in the boat

Dexter placing two pirates in the crow's nest of the little tikes anchors away pirate ship water table

There’s literally so much to do on the water table, from lifting the anchor up and down, to letting the pirates drop down the slide into the water below, to turning the steering wheel, to creating currents with the spinners. The sensory aspect is amazing and I look forward to Felix growing a bit so he too can start watching and learning how it all works. I reckon you could have four children around this table and they wouldn’t be fighting over certain bits because there’s that much going on.

As hard as the plug was to install, it’s a fab addition to the table as it means the water can be emptied easily instead of either lying stagnant in the water table or having to be tipped over to be emptied.

Close up of the crow's nest with the jolly roger flag and the anchors away pirate ship below

I also love how durable the water table is, being made of durable plastic, the table is easy to clean and can withstand knocks from our boisterous little boy who loves nothing more than running around like a mad man or inadvertently riding his bike into the table!

Disclaimer: We were sent a Little Tikes Anchors Away Pirate Ship Water Table to review. All thoughts are my own and are not influenced by receiving this product.

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Clare Minall

Friday 7th of June 2019

This looks so much fun. This is something that y little girl would really love. I'll have to check out on this now.

Lyndsey O'Halloran

Thursday 6th of June 2019

This looks like so much fun and there's so much to do. Dex is going to have hours of fun with this one.

Hayley | Devon Mama

Thursday 6th of June 2019

This looks fab, I love the look of the little pirate figures; they'd be a huge hit in this house as well!


Thursday 6th of June 2019

My kids are past this age now but do love water play still.

This looks like great fun though and Dex looks like he loved it x