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Looking for the Best Place for your Family Winter Holidays? Look no Further!

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When you have a family, it is not possible to go on spontaneous trips as you used to do when you were younger. As an adult, you have the patience to wait in queues, the endurance to stand or walk for a long time, the resourcefulness to find activities that match your idea of fun and the knowledge of how to show respect to different cultures and lifestyles. You cannot expect a child to know and to behave in such a mature and sophisticated way during a family trip. This is why you are responsible to do your research and find a destination that can accommodate the needs of children of a wide age range. 

If you have been searching for such a place but haven’t found one that excites you, your life is about to get much easier. Have you ever heard of Les Arcs? Les Arcs is a resort in the Savoie region, and more specifically in the Paradiski ski area, in the French Alps. Les Arcs consists of 5 villages in different altitudes; these are Arc 2000, Arc 1950, Arc 1800, Arc 1600 and Bourg-Saint-Maurice. Although all five of them are unique and have a lot to offer, we strongly recommend parents to book their ski holidays at Arc 1950 with Erna Low as soon as possible because it is the perfect place for both parents and children. If you don’t believe us, you should keep reading as we present our reasons behind this claim below. 

Reason 1: It was designed with kids in mind

Arc 1950 is a relatively recent addition to the area as it was built in 2003 and it keeps on expanding. It is indeed a place where families can have the time of their lives and spend quality time together without worries and anxieties. Not only are there no cars in the village but also there is a great variety of family-friendly entertainment options available every day, like shows and parades. 

Reason 2: Adults can have fun as well

Besides all the outdoor adventures and the games that offer families the chance to make great memories and bond even more, Arc 1950 provides parents with services that can help them relax and recharge from their physical and emotional strain of everyday life. They can spend a whole day at the spa and wellness centre, enjoying a massage session or swimming in an outdoor heated pool or taking a sauna. 

Reason 3:  Entertainment programmes for children of all ages

No matter how old your kid is – or kids are – there are activities designed for all age groups. Experienced instructors are there to safely teach young people how to ski and engage them in other winter activities and get them accustomed to mountain surroundings. There are also nursery nurses who can take good care of babies and toddlers. 

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