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Is Gatwick Airport a safe travel option?

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Have you decided that it is finally time for your next trip? After the first shock of living during a pandemic and having to learn how to be careful and keep up with all the government rules of how to keep yourself and the people around you safe, it is great to feel ready to travel again. Of course, this does not mean that Covid is over, but it is not realistic to put your life on pause and spend every day isolated. As long as you get frequent Covid-19 tests and you stay in your social bubble, there is nothing to worry about. 

But we have to be honest and admit that travelling comes with a lot of stress. Finding cheap – or as cheap as possible – aeroplane tickets, booking a decent hotel – although you can only tell if you made the right choice when it is too late and you are already there – and packing your bags, hoping that you haven’t forgotten anything important, like your passport, can be a nightmare. 

One aspect of travelling that is sometimes dismissed too quickly is the airport that you will either depart from or land to. When you are travelling, you are likely to feel overwhelmed and vulnerable as you may worry that you will miss your flight, do not know how to get to your hotel or afraid that someone may try to steal your belongings. So it is important to know how safe you can feel in the airport you find yourself in. 

If you are going to find yourself in the Gatwick Airport during your travel, then you’ve clicked on the right article as we will present some facts about it that will prove that you have nothing to worry about. 

Arriving at the Airport

Even if you are not familiar with London, it is very easy to reach Gatwick. The most convenient way is to hire a car. If you book a car ride with Enjoy Travel, you can be sure that a driver will be at the pick-up point that suits you on time and he or she will safely take you to the airport. If you don’t mind looking up timetables and stops, you can reach the airport by bus or train. 

Security Checks

Similar to all airports, thorough security checks using x-ray devices so that no prohibited item is allowed inside the aircraft are performed. This is a standard procedure that has saved many lives. It does not take long to pass the security checks. The reason that airlines ask passengers to arrive at the airport at least two hours before their flights is because the airport might be busy. 

A detailed account of the items that are not allowed to be on-board can be found on the official Gatwick airport website

    Covid-19 Safety and Updates

On the airport website you will also find new information about Covid-19 measures and guidelines during travelling. All the necessary measures, like social distancing cues, encouraging people to wear face masks and disinfecting crowded areas, are taken so that people can feel safe in the airport. 

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