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Love is in the air – how to make your wedding even more memorable

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When you and your partner have set a date for the wedding, there may be a number of aspects you wish to consider. Once you have figured out what kind of ceremony to have, and where it will be held, you may want to commence with deciding other factors for the day. This can include where a reception will be held, as well as what kind of entertainment options may be given for your guests. Certain ideas could affect where the reception could be held, especially if they require a lot of space.

A firework display

If you plan for your reception to go on into the evening, you may want to think about how you can light up the area. Having wedding firework displays can allow everyone to come together and watch something, rather than being off doing their own thing. It may be a good idea to have an external company deal with this for safety reasons, especially if many of the guests, and yourselves, are likely to have been drinking. A company may be able to plan a display, timed to music if you so wish, based on the colour scheme of your wedding. This could be a great way to end your night, or even get the party started in the first place.

Hire a funfair

Some people like to have children at their wedding. This can be great for parents who no longer need to find childcare, but sometimes these events can be incredibly dull for younger attendees. Hiring different funfair rides for your reception, if given permission by the landowner, can allow everyone to find something to suit them. You might want to consider having game booths or smaller rides for those that are extremely young, or unable to ride thrill attractions. Some places may allow you to hire individual rides, meaning you don’t need to use everything they have available. You may want to recommend that guests bring a change of clothes, yourselves included, so your formalwear doesn’t get damaged.

Make it permanent

While many couples exchange rings on their wedding day, you may want to go a step further. For some couples, having a wedding symbol tattooed on their ring finger can be part of the commitment, showing that their love is permanent. For others, particularly in certain lines of work, it may be a more sensible option if they are unlikely to be able to wear an actual ring each day. This could be something that you have done at the event, especially if you know someone in the tattooing industry. When doing so, you may want to ensure that the space to be used is hygienic and that the artist will be able to work without disruption.

A wedding day may be primarily about the couple, but it can also be a good idea to think about how you can make the day fun and memorable for the guests who attend. 

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