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Mumtrepreneur: Realistic Business Ideas For Busy Mums

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Parenthood changes our lives. More than that, it changes us. Seriously, you’re not the same person after your kids are born. Parenthood changes your brain at a neurochemical level. So, when your kids are born, it’s perfectly natural that the idea of returning to work might not seem all that appealing. Navigating the path of childbirth and parenthood reminds you just how formidable you are. Suddenly it seems like anything is possible. Why constrain your career, your ambition and your potential with an employer who never really valued you as much as you deserved anyway? 

Instead, why not turn your attention to entrepreneurship? It’s the perfect way to make a living in proportion to your talents, not to mention being a far more fulfilling way to live and work. Plus, you get to plan your working life around your needs as a parent, rather than the other way around. But even though you may have a yearning to prove yourself as an entrepreneurial Mum (a Mumtrepreneur, if you will), you may find that raising the money necessary to start a business is a huge challenge. Still, there are lots of ways in which you can start your own business without needing to take out a massive business loan. Let’s take a closer look…

Home Crafting

A truly engaging way to channel creativity and entrepreneurial spirit is by establishing a home crafting business through the use of laser cutting and engraving machines. These sophisticated machines give you the opportunity to produce a wide array of personalized products, from intricate jewelry to unique home decor items. Whether you are etching a design into a piece of glass or cutting detailed patterns into wood or leather, laser cutting and engraving machines offer precision and consistency that are unparalleled. This kind of business is particularly suitable for busy mums, as it allows for a flexible schedule, creative expression, and the satisfaction of crafting bespoke pieces from the comfort of your own home. The initial investment into a laser cutting and engraving machine can be substantial, but the potential return on investment is considerable, as the demand for personalized, hand-crafted items continues to rise. Step into this innovative field of crafting and let your artistic vision shine through your unique creations, while building a profitable business from home.

Buying a franchise

A franchise is a good compromise between starting your own business and working for an established company. So check out Franchise Direct if you like the idea of getting the best of both worlds. You’ll get the benefit of a recognised brand name, so you won’t have to build your brand from scratch. You also get the kind of training and support that’s not usually available to first-time entrepreneurs. Even if running a franchise isn’t your endgame, it can be an affordable and sustainable way to try your hand at entrepreneurship without enduring all the risks. 

Blogging / copywriting

Alternatively, if you’ve always fancied yourself a wordsmith, you may be surprised by how easy it is to make a decent living as a copywriter. Businesses, marketing agencies and SEO agencies are always looking for people who can write engaging copy including web pages, product pages and “ghost blogging” articles for busy bloggers who need to generate regular content but don’t necessarily have time. Alternatively, if you already have a blog with a healthy following, you might want to look into ways in which you can monetise that.  

Becoming a consultant

You accomplished great things in your career before taking time out to have your kids. But rather than going back to the grindstone, why not try establishing yourself as a freelance consultant? You can bring your knowledge and skills to bear on other people’s business problems and help them overcome frustrations and pain points which are new to them, but all-too familiar for you. 

Monetise your hobbies

Finally, if you are of an arty or crafty disposition, you may find that you can make money from your hobbies. Just don’t make the mistake of selling your wares on Etsy. Its search algorithms are particularly punishing for newcomers (unless you have over 100 items to sell). Instead try these alternatives which are easier for new sellers to find success with. 

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