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Not Enough Time For A Degree? Try These Short-Term Courses

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Image Credit: Eluj from Pixabay.

Being a mum is one of the most challenging jobs you can do. If you’re juggling parenthood with a full-time job, that adds a lot of other complications. In some cases, you could find yourself wanting a change in career, but that could be difficult with everything you already have to look after.

If you’re considering switching jobs, you might find that you’ll need certain certifications or other skills. Returning to college to get these wouldn’t be an option for many moms, especially those already working.

That doesn’t mean that some careers are off-limits, however. Several fields can be entered into after passing the relevant exams. You’ll still need the expertise to pass these, which is where short-term courses come in.

These are typically only a few weeks or months long and take very little time every week. That could make them recommended for a working mom that wants to change careers.

Short-Courses That Can Help You Change Your Career

Health & Safety Representative

A health and safety representative (HSR) mightn’t be one of the first jobs that comes to mind when switching careers or starting a new one. It’s one of the more interesting positions that you could consider, however.

A HSR is the person who gives employees a voice when it comes to any work-related health and safety issues. In doing so, they not only provided resources and information to employees, but work with management to address any concerns.

By getting HSR training, you shouldn’t have many issues finding a position in this area. More and more firms, especially larger ones, seem to be hiring for this, making it an open market.

Certified Financial Planner

If you’ve ever considered a career in finance, then you could consider becoming a certified financial planner. While you’ll need to have a competency in financial planning already, there aren’t too many other skills you’ll need before starting to learn.

The majority of short-term courses focused on certified financial planning should give you everything you need to succeed. There could be other, related studies you might want to consider. While some of these might be optional, they could be wise investments in your overall career over time.

Business Analytics Certification

Analytically-minded moms might want a job that needs a lot of tracking, reviewing, and other aspects. A business analytics position could be recommended for you. These focus on using statistics and other information to determine where a company can improve.

There is quite a lot involved in this, as you’ll need to find issues and develop solutions that fix them. Seeing the positive results of this can be incredibly rewarding, as is the paycheck that’s often associated with it.

Wrapping Up

Every working mom knows the struggle of trying to find a new job. Each of the above courses could make things much easier for you, especially if you’re navigating a new career. Thankfully, none of the above or a working at heights course should be too expensive, they should be affordable ways of learning new skills.

In many cases, they can also teach you valuable skills that you can use in other positions. That could make short-term courses quick, cost-effective, and relatively easy ways to find a new job.

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