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4 Foods to Try With Pepper Jam

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Every good chef is always looking to expand their menu, and to try new foods to make for their friends and family. A new and upcoming ingredient for chefs is something you might not expect: pepper jam.

Pepper Jam has a lot of potential to be in your next favorite meal, and after trying these 4 recipes, you’ll want to consider using it more often!

1.) One recipe that is easy to make and works great as a midday snack is some pepper jam dip and chips. This recipe is as tasty as it is simple and is one everyone can enjoy together at a party or just as a quick snack before dinner.

Mixing your favorite flavor of pepper jam and cream cheese together will give you an excellent dip. You can also add other things like toppings or spice to it to really make it your own. Serve it with your choice of chips and your dip is ready to go!

2.) Another fun recipe you can make for the family is a salad with a pepper jam dressing. This is a fun and fresh lunch, a snack to have after a good workout, or a perfect side to any dinner on a warm summer night.

All you need for it is olive oil, balsamic vinaigrette, and your choice of pepper jam. Drizzle this over any kind of salad for a light and refreshing summer meal! 

3.) If you’re looking to make your chicken or ham that much better, look no further than this next recipe. A pepper jam glaze is perfect for all your sweet and savory needs.

Simply mix pepper jam in with your choice of other glaze ingredients, like honey, barbeque sauce, spicy mustard, and glaze it over your selected meat during the last ten or so minutes of cooking. The glaze will bake right in and give your dinner that extra something it needs to be amazing. 

4.) To complete your new pepper jam menu, the last recipe is for some appetizing brie bites. This recipe is a little bit more complicated than the rest, but is very tasty and will always be a huge hit for your friends and family.

All you’ll need is mini pastry cups or shells, some brie cheese, and your favorite pepper jelly. Bake the shells and the cheese together and then add some chilled pepper jam on top. 

You can also add some extra toppings to add more flavor to them. These are a great one-bite appetizer and definitely a great snack to make!

These pepper jam recipes are sure to be a huge hit with your family and friends and are definitely worth trying the next time you wanna try some new recipes!

Share this post with your friends!