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Not Sure What Career Move to Make? Try These Options

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In some ways, it’s lucky that we live in the 21st century. There are a million and one career paths we can choose! But on the other hand, it’s a bit problematic – with so many options out there, how are we supposed to choose what we’ll do? After all, a career isn’t something to be chosen on a whim. We’re committing to it for a long time! If you’re having difficulty choosing one, then take a look at our list below, where we’ve compiled some sensible options that you might not have considered before.


Solving Problems

There’s no shortage of global issues, and some – like climate change – are going to become even more pronounced in the years to come. While you’ll first hope that the severity of climate change has been overhyped, if it does come to pass, then there’ll be ways you can help – and get paid at the same time. In particular, urban planning will be an especially important position. This will help local communities navigate the threats that the changed conditions bring with them. If you’ve put a natural problem solver since you were a kid, then this might be the option for you.

Giving Back

People usually think there are only two sectors to work in – the corporate world or the public sector. But there’s not; there’s a third one – the charity sector. There are plenty of NGOs with which you can work, covering every issue under the sun (and likely some that stretch out beyond the sun, too). The skills required for these jobs are as varied as you’d find in the corporate world. A good idea is to pick an issue that’s close to your heart, connect with relevant organizations, and see what jobs they have advertised.

Thinking Global

You’ll have noticed that the world has shrunk exponentially in the past couple of decades. But what does that mean, exactly? Well, many things, but one of them is that there are now many more jobs that deal with transporting goods from one corner of the world to another. These present unique challenges, and hence, companies are eager to find employees with the skills to make it all work. Take a look at supply chain management online programs, and obtain your qualification. When you’re finished, you’ll have a host of jobs available to you.

Forefront of Tech

There are some industries that’ll be left behind as time moves forward, but tech isn’t one of them. Indeed, that’s an industry that’s just going to grow and grow and grow. If you’ve got a technical mind, look at working within this field. It’s important to have a general overview, and then focus on a particular aspect of technology that interests you. You’ll be at the forefront of an exciting area for humanity.


Ultimately, it’s important that you don’t settle for what’s first offered to you. There’ll be many jobs that you’ve never heard of that might be a terrific option for your personality. You never know where you might end up!


Share this post with your friends!