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Pregnancy Diary: Week 6

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Two symptoms have dominated my life this week: nausea and dizziness. It’s been bad enough that most mornings I’ve woken up and given myself a good talking to that this will definitely be our last pregnancy.

The dizziness is worse than the nausea and starts when I wake up in the morning and drag myself out of bed. I am spending most of the day sat down because standing for long periods, or getting up too quick leads me to feel really ill. I find sugary drinks help but by the afternoon it seems to have dissipated anyway.

The nausea is also worse in the mornings. I have been sick twice but luckily both times have been at home where there was only Dexter to witness the disgustingness of it all. Food has begun to knock me sick and I can only manage small portions of certain foods throughout the day. I am eating as often as I can to help with the dizziness although I am pretty sure the dizziness is coming from low blood pressure as opposed to lack of food. I’ve been eating really well all week, lots of fresh fish, salads, chicken, plenty of water, fruit and a few treats too. I don’t ignore any hunger pangs but also treat them with caution as they can soon turn to the feeling of nausea in a split second.

My body is changing and although my stomach is still flat my boobs continue to grow and it looks as though I’ve had a boob job. My uterus is stretching and I can feel the tell tale sign of it growing which feels as though I’ve done a lot of lower abdominal crunches. I am still experiencing round ligament pain which are sharp stabbing pains in the lower abdomen if I sneeze, cough or move too quickly.

Tiredness is still upon me and I am asleep by 9pm most nights. I’m hoping this eases soon as I’ve barely seen my husband for the last couple of weeks!

Although I’ve had a rough week I am feeling more positive this weekend and excited about what’s to come.

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