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Revamp your Home with These 2020 Interior Design Trends

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Start the year on the right foot by giving your home the uplift it craves. After all, the start of a new decade seems like the perfect time to upgrade your interiors. I’ve put together some of my favourite interior design trends for the year. 

Note: Don’t feel pressured to use all of these trends in your house, take inspiration by your favourites and adapt them to your own style and taste.

Clean and green

This trend is all about sustainability and using eco-friendly products all around the house. As this article on Dezeen mentions, this green trend includes products like terrazzo-inspired material that uses construction and demolition waste, as well as flowing systems of solid wood tiles made from recycled wood.   

Cosy up

Get ready for the step up from Hygge (remember that Danish trend which was huge a few years ago which was all about being cosy and comfortable? That’s the one). 

Breeze Giannasio, interior designer, told Good House Keeping how she believes that cosy fabrics will be everywhere. “Instead of luxe grand velvet, we’ll see shearling, imperfect leathers, and soft textured mohairs.” I’m all up for it! Anything to make me feel extra cosy at home is a yes from me.

Living space with lots of wooden furniture - one of the interior design trends for 2020

Black details

Last year the trend was to go bold with black, however, this year it seems that the trend is to tone it down. Black is perfect to define a design and to accentuate small details within your home – so, choose black door handles, black door hinges, black water taps and other black details to. Really make your interiors pop. 

Ironmongery Experts, an architectural ironmongery business, published a blog post solely dedicated about the advantages of black ironmongery. They mention how these small hardware details can give any room a luxurious and polished appearance. Count me in!


Say goodbye to flat and uninviting living rooms and add texture to your interiors with textured pillows and footstools. Choose looped yarn and knitted pillows to add some texture and cosiness to your sofas.   

What are your favourite interior design trends?

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