Review: Baby Bjorn Long Sleeve Bib

30th May 2018

We’ve been big fans of coverall bibs since the start of our baby led weaning journey, but now that Dex is weaned he very rarely needs to even wear a normal bib when he is eating as he is quite careful and methodical.

When it comes to painting or baking with Mummy though, being careful goes right out of the window and just like any other toddler, Dex LOVES to make a mess!

I was so happy Baby Bjorn wanted to send us one of their long sleeved bibs to try out as I was getting a bit sick of finding paint stains refusing to come out of his gorgeous clothes.

The long sleeved bib does exactly what it says on the tin. It covers the front, back and arms and is made from polyester and polyurethane making a bib that is durable, breathable is able to be wiped clean with a cloth.

We’ve seriously put this bib to the test over the last few weeks while I’ve been off work. We’ve baked messy fairy cakes, we’ve painted on big canvasses and Dexter’s had a go at eating a runny soup while sat at his little table which makes for a messier mealtime than when he’s sat in his high chair or booster.

What We Love

  • The bib is really quite soft and not hard like you’d imagine a plastic bib to be, making it comfortable for Dexter to wear.
  • The bib is fastened by poppers on the back which I much prefer to Velcro as it’s less likely to come unstuck. I also loved that there are four poppers so the bib grows with your child.
  • The bib is totally waterproof. We’ve had wet paint everywhere and it has not once penetrated the bib onto his clothes.
  • It’s a fantastic size. Dexter is a big (nearly) two year old and the bib covers him perfectly with room to grow.
  • The bib can either be wiped clean or thrown in the washing machine (my preferred method!) at up to 40C wash. I always wash at 30 and the bib comes out looking pristine every time with no need to prewash.
  • I now can set up messy play whenever I want without fear Dexter’s clothes are going to get ruined! What’s not to love?


This bib is suitable for babies aged 8 months up to three years of age and is a great investment for your weaning journey alone. The fact it will continue to come in useful during the toddler years when you are doing messy play and baking only makes this investment more sound.

The bib retails for £22 which can seem a lot, but when you consider the number of clothes that get ruined during weaning and painting activities, it kind of pays for itself. I definitely think the Baby Bjorn long sleeved bib is one to add to your baby wish list ready for your new arrival!

You can purchase a Baby Bjorn long sleeved bib here.

Disclaimer: We were sent a Baby Bjorn long sleeved bib in return for this honest review.

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