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Review: CBBC Summer Social

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Last weekend we were invited to the CBBC Summer Social with our toddler Dex to experience what its like to attend a festival without alcohol but with the same sorts of crazy people, only ones who are 3ft tall.

We had the most amazing day spent with our little boy who loved it nearly as much as we did.  I have to admit, I thought I’d be bored out of my head but there was so much for adults to do as well as children, I was pleasantly surprised.

Our highlights of the day have to be watching Andy and The Odd Socks and my poor husband getting dragged up on the stage to dress up as a Ninja Pig as well as seeing the most amazing brass band Mr Wilson’s Second Liners. You can see more in the video I shared on YouTube below, just beyond all the photos I captured of our day.

Will we be going to the CBBC Summer Social next year? Abso-freaking-lutely. I know there was a lot of hoo-ha over the price of the tickets, but we all had so much fun that we’d be willing to pay the £30 ticket price to go again next year. Although Dex had fun, he wasn’t quite sure of what was going on when it came to stage performances and didn’t recognise Andy or Mr Tumble so the event is probably best suited to those aged over 3 years old. However, it didn’t stop him having loads of fun at all the little stalls and around and about the beautiful Croxteth country park.

Disclaimer: We were gifted press tickets for this event.

Share this post with your friends!