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Study & Travel Programs With Art Speciality

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Are you interested in studying art? Is this the passion you want to pursue? If yes, you have probably already started looking into some study programs that offer you the art education you need. But at the same time, you might want to travel too. There are lots of traveling opportunities and incredible places you can visit around the world, especially during these times when traveling is way easier than at other times. So, are there any study and travel programs with an art specialty? Can you sign up for them and learn while traveling? 

Learning and traveling just go hand in hand and you can expand your art knowledge if you travel to distinct places and see how artists have expressed their thoughts and emotions there. So, what are the programs you could consider that offer you exactly what you are looking for? Find them below. 

Undergraduate Diploma in Fine Arts at Instituto Europeo di Design, Madrid 

If you are looking to travel and discover the world of arts, then maybe you could consider this undergraduate diploma in fine arts from one of the best design universities in the world. It is one of the best programs you can sign up for as they have a nice curriculum. Technology is deeply intertwined with arts nowadays, so they create the opportunity to experiment with the latest technologies and learn more about art at the same time. You can travel around Madrid and the whole of Spain to discover more about the specific style of art there, but also about the wonderful works of art of the famous Antonio Gaudi. 

As a student at an art university, you will create and learn more about art, but you will also need to write essays or even a research paper. A satirical essay or any other essays that you might be asked to write aims to help you expand your knowledge in this area. There are lots of examples online you can read to know what the final draft should look like. Examples of anything can be found online, so do not worry that you will not be able to meet your teacher requirements. Your teacher comments for students’ writing will be tremendous and your student contract for grades and grading college papers will be awesome. This is while you learn about arts and travel at the same time. 

The Metropolitan Museum of Art 

If you are searching for a distinct learning experience, you should consider the ones offered by The Metropolitan Museum of Art. They understand how important it is to study art, its history, and its distinct techniques. But they also understand how essential it is to travel the world and see some masterpieces with your own eyes, not only in the photos. These trips can teach you a lot about art, especially if you have the opportunity to meet the artists too. 

So, The Metropolitan Museum of Art organizes art trips for the whole year. You can go to Egypt and get an insight into antique art techniques. You can go to southeast Asia in countries such as Thailand and Indonesia to learn more about a totally distinctive perspective on art, wood carving, and colors. 

Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem 

This is one of the most well-known academies of arts and design around the world. Studying and traveling here will just open new doors of opportunities. But you will also have the opportunity to get inspired by new art techniques and practices and delve deeper into these. 

Besides learning more about Israeli culture, you will find out more about their perspective on art and you will gain so many meaningful experiences that will simply make you see art differently. 

Final Words 

You like art and traveling and you want to do them at the same time. There are many programs you can enroll in that will help you do exactly this. Whether you are looking for a program where you study arts more and travel less or one that has a balanced combination of both, you can find everything you want. Art is distinct in every part of the globe, so depending on which style you want to delve deeper into, you can choose your opportunities. 

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