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The importance of cleaning your make up brushes

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You probably already know that you should wash your make-up brushes and anything else you use on your face, but do you truly know how important it is. It is not just a matter of reducing the instance of acne but it is also incredibly important for reducing the occurrence of infections and the development of eye diseases or disorders such as chalazion (find more info on Chalazion here.) Here are the reasons you should wash your make-up brushes on a regular basis.

1.    Dirty brushes can impact your health – dirty brushes can affect your skin, but they can also impact your internal health. It can cause infections and the accumulation of dead skin, bacteria and dirt can put your overall health at risk. An important consideration for this is your eyes. What other circumstances would you happily put a dirty implement so close to your eyes? Let alone rub it along your eyelid or basically poke yourself in the eye to fill in your water line.

2.    Your facial tools and brushes accumulate bacteria – brushes naturally accumulate bacteria and dirt from the environment as well as dead skin cells from your face. A dirty brush is a perfect environment for bacteria to breed and grow in amongst the bristles, the only way to combat this is to wash your brushes regularly and reduce the build-up of product.

3.    Unwashed brushes can contaminate your make-up – The bacteria and dirt in your brushes not only have an effect on your skin but can also contaminate your make-up. The bacteria transfer from the brush to your make-up and then continue to thrive and breed within the product. This is compromising your health, but it also compromises the quality of the makeup and causes it to dry out or separate. Makeup is much harder to clean than brushes so keep your expensive products as good as new by washing your brushes often.

4.    A dirty brush can irritate your skin – dirty make-up brushes can cause breakouts, dry skin and can aggravate existing skin conditions such as eczema or rosacea. This can have the effect of a slight redness but when you are applying your make-up, and leaving you with an imperfect base. Brushes that are caked in make-up make it much more difficult to apply and blend as well as compromising the softness and flexibility of the bristles.

5.    Clean brushes last longer – as well as helping you to apply your makeup, clean brushes last longer. Makeup build-up can cause damage to your brushes and makes it more likely for the bristles to bend or snap. A spiky, matted make-up brush is no good to anyone and will need to be thrown away long before its time. In turn, your make-up can also last much longer! Clean brushes help keep your make-up clean and ensure it maintains its high quality. We spend a lot of money on these things so make sure you are getting as much use as you can out of them.

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