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Tips to ease working from home with a baby

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Remote working has become the new normal for many workers. A flexible approach to work means more time at home with the family, less time commuting and a new schedule. For parents, remote working brings a whole new set of challenges that can be difficult to manage. Of course, the age of your children significantly impacts what these challenges are and how you can make things a little easier for yourself.

If you have a baby or a small child, here are tips to make things a little easier while working from home. 

Take advantage of nap time

Naptime is the ideal time slot to be productive and get the most important tasks done for the day. You can make uninterrupted phone calls, type quickly and tick your inbox of your to-do list. If your child starts crying during their nap time, try not to rush to them too quickly. They need to learn how to self-soothe, and this is a great time to do that. You’ve got this!

Or lie your baby next to you, hold their hand or wave a toy over their crib and let them fall asleep. 

Schedule your tasks for the day

Make a new schedule that fits with your new working situation and try to stay flexible with it. If you are employed, host a meeting with your employer to determine how many hours you need to work per day when working remotely. You may also have the luxury of deciding when you work during the day. For example, you could save your work for later in the evening when your baby is asleep. 

Use baby carriers 

Make the most out of baby carriers and invest in a sit/stand desk so you can carry them while typing standing up. If you need to work when they are awake, try to do it when they’ve just been fed or have woken up. Use a baby sleepsuit to help your child to stay calm and, this can also hopefully help them learn how to self-settle.

Provide sources of entertainment

If you have toddlers and older children, entertainment is your best friend when trying to get work done. Arrange playdates for them, buy arts and crafts supplies or host a special movie viewing when you are in a meeting.  It gives them something to look forward to and means they are far less likely to interrupt you. Ask them to only shout for you in an emergency so you can get more work done, and they can learn to play alone.

Above all, enjoy extra time with your baby

Remote working is a challenge for new parents. Enjoy your commute-free evenings and make the most out of the extra time you have with your baby.  

Share this post with your friends!