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The Top Apps for Mums Right Now

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Sometimes parents need any help they can get, and there is absolutely no shame in that. As is the case with the modern world, people are turning to an array of apps to uncover a few tips and tricks on certain issues or to simply find a recipe for a newborn baby. Like most facets of society, the options are vast. 

The smartphones we have access to these days are more powerful than ever before, opening up an array of sophisticated apps in the process. As such, people have become overly reliant on the mobile phone devices of today and what they can offer. In the same way that gamers can access a variety of fruit themed slots or catch Pokemon in the park while walking the dog, parents can now discover a variety of beneficial apps too. Some applications enable food to be delivered to your door at the touch of a button, while others give tips on decorating a baby’s room or erecting a cot. There are certainly a number of appealing creations in 2021. 

Without further ado, here is a look at some of the top apps for mums right now. 

The Night Feed app

A fantastic app for mothers, The Night Feed app is there for you when you’re struggling at night and your newborn is causing numerous issues. Created by lifestyle blogger and new mum Ruth Crilly, the app comes with helpful content in times of need, Q&As with midwives, talks from experts such as paediatricians, and even fashion advice around breastfeeding-friendly clothes. 


Interested in meeting some fellow mums in your surrounding area? Then download Peanut. Described as the ‘Tinder for new mums’, Peanut connects you to mothers in your area and gives users the opportunity to make new friends for themselves or for their kids. Filled with a friendly community of users, the app also has a range of helpful pages where you can ask questions to fellow mums and gain any second opinions you might need.


Azoomee isn’t free, but for the hours of entertainment it will provide your child, it’s most definitely worth it. Boasting a comprehensive selection of great new games, puzzles, and activities every week, this child-friendly creation can take up to five children’s accounts at any one time, which is especially useful if you have more than one little terror in need of stimulation. 

Calpol app

For when your little treasure isn’t feeling too good, download the Calpol app. With tons of medical information and useful tools like its temperature tracker, the Calpol app is a solid solution for any mums wanting a fast and stress-free answer to any health concerns with their child. 

NOW Music

Kids love music, especially if it’s from their favourite cartoon on television. In order to give your child access to the music he or she loves, download the NOW Music app. It has the latest chart-topping tunes, 80’s classics for mum, and dedicated playlists for children from the likes of Disney. The best thing about it, though, is that you can cancel your subscription at any time in case you find yourself not really using it anymore.

NCT Babychange App

Finding a changing area when you’re out and about can be a nightmare at times, especially in a location you don’t know too well. Fear not, the NCT Babychange App has your back. The app performs a simple but hugely beneficial task by finding baby changing areas anywhere in the country. Parents can rate locations and add new ones too. For a free app, it’s an excellent creation. 

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