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Vinyl Flooring is the Right Option for the Child’s Bedroom

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Your home has many rooms that see a lot of traffic but your child’s bedroom is the one that will see the most challenge when it comes to heavy-duty footwork. From spilt food and drink, dirty footprints or crayons and paints, you can be sure that every parent has experienced the horror of how a little terror can make a mess of a floor.

However, when it comes to children’s bedrooms there is one flooring option that can handle the brunt of abuse a child will provide; that option’s name is luxury wood effect vinyl flooring.

Tough to Beat

All vinyl flooring ranges, including the lowest price Amtico flooring, come manufactured with protection measures perfectly suited to withstand even the toughest of daily challenges imposed by your young. 

Layered with scratch guard coating, vinyl flooring can face endless toy cars, dropped items and other forces without leaving any trace afterwards. The same layer has built-in stain resistance that allows dirt, juice, felt or crayon to be easily cleaned by mopping with warm soapy water to retain its fresh and shiny look.

When it comes to heavy-hitting from daily play, vinyl planks and tiles are secure in their position and able to endure much longer than any other flooring option.

Easy for Mums and Dads

No matter who does all of the DIY work within the house, vinyl flooring provides an easy installation method with two options; Glue or Click.

Gluing gives you the chance to opt for borders and feature tiles and requires a layer underneath to secure into place. The Click option involves the simple process of clicking your tiles into place and is considered an easier and quicker option.

Both options are easy to install and, should there be a reason to, uninstall without having to replace large sections of the floor. This means that mum or dad could undertake this project and save money on professional fitters.

Simple Cleaning on Each Occasion

As vinyl is a fully protected product it can withstand most marks with a simple sweep, vacuum and mop. 

Having a product that is 100 per cent waterproof means that water or moisture will not seep through to the subfloor and cause damage. It is recommended to aid this that you don’t soak floors with large puddles of water when mopping, thoroughly rinsing the mop before each clean. Children will also be safe via the anti-slip properties, as well as any household pets who run through the house constantly.

Heat and humidity in the air will not result in any tiling or planks rising or coming loose, which means all year round your floor remains unfazed by dramatic rises and drops in temperature.

When buying the cheapest Luxury vinyl tile flooring UK you are buying a quality product for your children.

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