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AD | Creating a Modern Look in Your Bedroom with Floately

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Since the start of the pandemic, more and more people have started taking an interest in home decor in a bid to find something to do during the long and tedious lockdowns. Creating a modern look in your home is something that is bang on trend right now, with retro looks taking a nosedive. What better way to modernise your bedroom than with a floating plant or lamp from Floately?

These modern, floating plants and lamps will look simply superb as part of a bedroom makeover and will give your boudoir a real unique look. Let’s take a look at the range in more detail.

Unique floating products from Floately

Founded by an enthusiastic team of engineers, Floately are passionate about bringing cutting-edge levitating technology to the home. The home is where we spend the majority of time, don’t we deserve to indulge ourselves with unique and stunning decor that’ll bring us joy in every room? I certainly think so, and Floately agree.

Floately began by inventing VOLTA – the first affordable levitating light and since then have gone from strength to strength, building their range of products which now include floating plants and even a floating Bluetooth speaker – incredible!

All of these products would look simply stunning in the home, but let’s focus on the bedroom for now and take a deeper look at two of Floately’s flagship products – VOLTA and AIRSAI.

VOLTA – A levitating light which brings joy

Shatterproof and durable, VOLTA is a unique decor item that will last years to come. This light bulb not only levitates, but spins too and would make the perfect addition to your bedside table so you can do some late night reading in bed with ease.

Named after pioneering Italian physicist Alessandro Volta, VOLTA uses energy-efficient LEDs so you don’t need to worry about your electricity bill. Simply tap the base to turn the light on and when you’re done – tap again. ANd guess what, even when it’s not lit, the light will continue to levitate.

But how exactly does it work? Using electromagnets in the base, the effect of these against the pull of gravity results in a magical levitating bulb. Well, I say magical – really it’s science!

AIRSAI – A floating plant pot that creates a relaxing atmosphere

I don’t know about you, but my bedroom is my safe space. I like everything in my room to be neat and tidy so I can relax fully. Nothing brings more relaxation to this environment than AIRSAI, a floating plant pot that will fit into any modern bedroom.

Using the same clever science as the VOLTA, this unique product will boost your mental wellbeing and look fantastic while doing so. It’ll sit perfectly on your windowsill, bedside table, dressing table or a shelf and will rotate and levitate the plant it contains, meaning it’ll get 360 degrees of light!

AIRSAI can hold any type of plant that you wish and the continuous rotation means it will be well nourished, healthier and stronger thanks to all the light it receives.

This products is truly mesmerising and will really bring a unique modern look to any bedroom.

Which is your favourite?

The floating light or the floating plant? I simply cannot decide! Head over to Floately’s website now to find out more about these truly unique products and get your hands on your favourite!

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