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What is the weather like in Barcelona?

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Barcelona is one of the greatest cities in the world. It is filled with joy, art and music, and a multi-cultural environment of friendly people who wish to make connections and enjoy a good time. 

If this city has always been on your bucket list and you want to visit it as soon as possible, there are some things you should know to plan your trip and make the most of it. 

Barcelona is a city located in the region of Catalunya, on the Northeastern coast of Spain. The town has wonderful landscapes and a mixture of sceneries such as magnificent beaches and green mountains to climb. On top of this, it is one of the most culturally influential cities in Europe.

One of the most important things to consider when traveling is the weather. This factor conditions the items of clothing you should take and the activities you should plan in your destination. Fortunately, the weather in Barcelona is pleasant all year round. 


Summer is the most popular season of them all, and it lasts from June to August. Barcelona is filled with sandy beaches, and summer temperatures are perfect for enjoying them. 

The average climate is around 27ºC, and the humidity is relatively high. If you decide to travel during these months, pack lightly and choose fresher fabrics. Also, bear in mind that prices during the summer season tend to be higher in food and accommodation. 

During these months, the city fills with tourists from all over the world, and parties and outdoor activities occur throughout the whole city. Make sure to check the calendar so you do not miss any significant festivals that might take place.

One of the most popular is the Festival de Gracia, celebrated in August. The streets are decorated and embellished by the neighbors, and the atmosphere is festive and inviting. 


The Autumn months in Barcelona take place from September to December. During this period, rain is widespread, especially during October. But do not be discouraged!

Temperatures go from 8ºC to 13ºC, so it is quite enjoyable if you have the proper clothing. Raincoats and warm clothes are a must. It is also advisable to wear plenty of layers, so it is easier for you to adapt to indoor, warmer spaces.

Do not be discouraged by rainy autumn weather! There are a lot of highlights to see and activities to do in this beautiful city. Not to mention that during these months all the famous touristic activities tend to be cheaper and all the attractions that during summer are crowded are usually emptier and you might enjoy it even more.

Autumn is perfect if you want to indulge and try the most delicious Spanish meals in the typical bodegones.


The coldest month in Barcelona in January. The winter months are not so extreme as in other European cities. Temperatures 

vary between 5ºC and 13ºC, but windy currents from the sea may lower them to 0ºC, especially during the night. 

Still, winter tends to be quite dry and enjoyable as well. There are plenty of engaging indoor activities to do, most of them related to art and culture. 

If you visit Barcelona during the winter months, that is, from December to March, make sure to bring warm clothing, especially scarfs and gloves to protect from the wind so you can walk through the city as well.

After your walk, visit a churreria and drink a hot chocolate with churros. You will not regret it!


And last but not least, Spring has sprung. After the cold winter months, the city comes alive once again. From March to June, temperatures become warmer and warmer and people wear lighter clothes and embrace the sunny weather. 

If you visit Barcelona during this time, you will surely see a lot of bikes and roller skates near the shore and people walking through the famous Rambla at all hours of the day. 

Still, during the night, it can be windy and cold, so make sure to bring a variety of clothing items at your disposal. During Spring, layering is also advised. 

Spring in Barcelona means music festivals, both indoor and outdoor. Music enthusiasts worldwide visit the city during these months and enjoy line-ups from popular international artists.

The most famous music festival is the Primavera Sound. It usually takes place in June, and it lasts two days. If you want to enjoy this wonderful experience, make sure to get tickets in advance because they tend to sell out quite fast.

Learn Spanish in Barcelona

Spanish is one of the two official languages of the city. Also, it is one of the most popular languages in the world. If this is your first time visiting a Spanish-speaking country or if you wish to expand your horizons and challenge yourself, a Spanish course Barcelona may be the perfect option for you. 

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Barcelona is waiting for you!

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