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Why Do Many Students Want to Be Lawyers

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Institutions offering law as a course garner a lot of high school graduates. They even need to create a higher cut-off point to reduce the number of students doing law. It is among one of the topmost professions in the world. 

Although complex and takes a while to study, it is a very good profession. Law is a very rewarding profession both financially and careerwise. Several students opt to study law for many reasons. Here are some of the reasons why students want to be lawyers.

Help with studying law

Law can be very demanding and needs a lot of effort on the student’s part. To become a lawyer, you need to work on your education by studying hard. You need to read lots of large-volume books, do assignments, dissertations, and at the same time sit for CATs. All this can be very overwhelming to a student considering they still have a life outside school. Students can use the law essay writing service Writix, which helps with writing essays at an affordable price. Being successful in your degree rests a lot on the quality of your academic assignments. So this service should always be on top of your list.

It is a well-paying profession

Law is one of the most well-paying professions in the world. There is never a shortage of crime in the world, meaning lawyers can never lack opportunities to work. People are always looking for lawyers not just because of crime but also for legal proceedings in their companies and organizations. 

It doesn’t come immediately. You need to climb up the ladder first and make a name for yourself. Once your prowess is known in the field, you are guaranteed to make good money. Lawyers earn a good amount of money when working on their cases. Most established lawyers lead a pretty comfortable life. They drive some of the best cars in the market and live in classy houses. This is a lifestyle that is attractive to the students, and they will definitely want a piece of that cake.

It is a fulfilling career

Law is a very fulfilling career for those practicing it. When practicing law, there is no downtime. You are always working on a case, even pro bono. This means that you will be very proficient in what you do over a short period. This is because you are always actively practicing law, whether criminal or labor law. So you become familiar with the law and the loopholes you can use when defending your client. 

When you know your way around law books, you will likely win most of your cases. This makes you happy therefore very fulfilled when working. Most lawyers are good at what they do because of years of experience on the job. When you are good at what you do, you will feel more fulfilled.

Networking opportunities

It is always said that your network is your net worth, which is very true. The people you know will determine the opportunities you have at becoming better. Practicing law paves the way for lots of networking opportunities. When practicing law, you come across high-profile individuals, media personalities, business moguls, and politicians. 

You get to work on cases brought to you by these people, and over time you can build a formidable relationship with them. Interacting with these people creates worthwhile connections for you. These connections can take you from being a mere nobody to one of the most renowned lawyers in the country. This is another reason why students are opting for a profession in law.

Get a lot of knowledge and exposure

Students can learn a lot by studying law. This knowledge helps them avoid many problems that could involve a lack of awareness on matters of the law. The lack of knowledge can also lead to us being vulnerable to a lot of misinformation

We fall victim to some common scams quite often and corruption cases due to the lack of knowledge on our rights. Knowing the law helps you be able to defend yourself when arms of the law or their forces try to wrongfully convict you. Being well-informed on law matters comes in handy on several occasions.


Studying and practicing law can have very good benefits for those in the field. They enjoy tons of advantages that are associated with practicing law. The above are just but a few of the reasons why students are choosing to venture into the law profession. They may be enough to convince you to get a career in the field, so you also get to enjoy these benefits.

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Connie Elser works for a media agency where she is a key member of the content writing team. She’s a top performer for the agency and does writing gigs for an online academic writing and editing service. Besides her work, she enjoys sharing her knowledge with students through podcasts, goes for long walks and takes digital art classes.

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