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10 Things That Make Me Happy

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With my imminent return to work, I’ve found myself feeling a little down at times; so when Kate tagged me to do a post about 10 things that make me happy, I was grateful, after all, I do have so much to feel happy about.

  1. If I ask, my husband will always go out to the local supermarket for me to buy me treats like doughnuts, chocolate bars and salt and vinegar crisps. Not quite sure how I managed to lose all my baby weight!
  2. My baby boy giggling. There is nothing nicer than a baby giggling and it’s even better when it’s your own gorgeous baby boy. His giggles come for the most random things- me singing the Ghostbuster’s theme (badly!), Daddy throwing bread to seagulls, or me eating a piece of fruit.
  3. Takeaways on a Friday. We have a takeaway every Friday night and it’s just lovely to sit down, watch some rubbish TV and eat a little treat from the takeaway alongside my husband.
  4. My blogging fam. We have a little group chat and they make me smile everyday. They just get my humour and we always have a giggle.
  5. A good cup of tea. It has to be made with a good quality tea bag, milk put in last and left to brew for a minute so it is a deep brown colour, not dissimilar to builder’s tea.
  6. Spending time on my blog. Blogging gives me a bit of me time and spending time writing posts, creating images and promoting my posts makes me happy. It also stresses me out. But overall, happiness is the overriding emotion.
  7. Listening to Radio X. All the songs are from my teenage years and early twenties. Every song brings back lovely memories and makes me happy.
  8. A long bath. On a Friday, my husband finishes work early and I pass responsibility of looking after Dex to him and climb into a piping hot bath filled with bubbles. It’s been one of the happiest moments of my week during my maternity leave. Especially in those early days when I was unable to have a shower from one day to the next.
  9. Good TV. I am really enjoying Big Little Lies at the moment, but before this it was Mad Men. My husband doesn’t like decent drama like that, so it’s something I let build up until I have a decent amount stored up before binge watching.
  10. Bolton Wanderers winning. I am ecstatic when the Whites win. It can make or break a Saturday for me. We have just been promoted to the Championship so I am super happy at the moment!

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Devon Mama

Saturday 13th of May 2017

Great list Nic, I think mine would be pretty similar right now. Especially a good drama binge watch, we're on to 13 reasons why now, it's not quite BLL but it'll do! EYEBROWS x


Friday 12th of May 2017

Loved reading this! Nothing like a little positivity boost on a Friday afternoon! Have a wonderful weekend with your family, Nic xx