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2017 // June

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Another month has passed us by. I was half thinking not to post this month because unlike previous months I really don’t have all that much to tell you guys. But, I didn’t want to leave a gap, so here goes.

June has been my first full month back at work and I have really felt it. I work five days a week, supposedly with a Thursday off but between sickness, hospital visits and staff shortages, it has rarely worked out that way. The month has truly whizzed by and although I am really enjoying being back at work, it does hurt to be away from my baby for so many hours each day.

We have only had one day out as a family this month due to me working every Saturday and race season being upon us. Our day out was to celebrate Father’s Day. Neil had a race in the morning and wasn’t back til 1pm, but then we walked into town and had a meal together. Unfortunately, Dexter wasn’t in the best of moods that day so it wasn’t as enjoyable as it usually is, but it was still nice to be out together as a family.

When I wrote my Hopes & Wishes post back in 2016, I described June as being a month in the thick of summer with long evenings and sunny walks. We did experience quite the heatwave in June, however I was in work for 99% of it so couldn’t tell you how nice the weather really was. Most evenings after work, Dex is too tired for reading on the balcony but we do have a lot of snuggles watching TV in bed on my days off, I have particularly grown fond of In the Night Garden and find myself falling asleep to it when it’s on!

I am really happy that despite feeling shattered most of the time, I am still finding the time to blog and it really keeps me sane. I was so worried I would lose all motivation and some evenings I think I really can’t be bothered. I’ll admit all promotion of the blog has fallen by the wayside. I don’t even have the motivation to participate in pods like I used to, but I am pleased that my page views haven’t dropped too much. In fact, they increased this month compared to the previous two, so I am very happy indeed.

Dextee turned 13 months old in June and you can read his 13 month update here. I think he has loved going to his Nanna’s everyday but he is really looking forward to the end of July when his Dad finishes work for six weeks! Exciting times ahead. I shall have to get my husband to write the next two updates!

See you at the end of July!

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Hayley - Devon Mama

Tuesday 4th of July 2017

We're also big fans of In The Night Garden - I find the commentators voice so soothing it sends ME off to sleep as well! Hopefully in July Dex starts to enjoy his evenings on the balcony a little more although if he's in bed in time you can have a little you time there instead!