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4 Creative Ways to Use and Display the Photos You Take

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Before the advent of digital photography, film photography was the thing, but it came with limitations on the number of photos you could take. At best, all you could take was 36 shots.

As a result, every shot mattered, so you had to wait for the most opportune moment to take one. 

With digital photography, the only limitation to the photos you can take is your storage capacity.

Unfortunately, some of these photos go to waste or get lost under the piles of more photos, which could mean some memories could get lost forever. But worry not, as this guide highlights creative ways of displaying the images you take to make your memories last longer.

  1. Display Them on Your Home’s Wall

Displacing photos around the home is as old as photography and the most obvious way of displaying photos. Displaying photos around your home means you will need to print and frame them. 

Traditionally, there were limits to the sizes of the prints you could create. Today, you can print your photos in any imaginable size as long as the pixels on your photo allow for large prints. 

Displaying photos around your home may be limited by the size of your home, and you do not want to fill every inch of your walls with pictures. So, the best approach is to choose one or two of the best photos for your most memorable and sacred moments and find alternative displays for other pictures.

  1. Photo Album and Photo Books 

Photo albums are also among the oldest ways of displaying printed photos. If you feel the need to save several photos from a special time, such as a vacation, you can print the best among them and keep them in a photo album. 

You can choose to have one photo album for several memories or smaller ones for each memory. For example, a big day like a wedding can have enough photos to fill one album. 

If photo albums are too traditional for your liking, try photo books. Photo books resemble photo albums because you arrange your printed photos on pages. But unlike albums where you put printed photos inside a clear polyethylene sleeve, pictures on a photo book are printed on the pages of a special book explicitly made for photos. 

However, creating a photo book will require you to use the help of professional photo printing service providers, which you can find online.

  1. Create a Photo Calendar

If you love hanging physical calendars on your walls at home or in the office, you can use your photos to customize your calendars. The best approach when using your photos on your calendar is to have one month occupy one page. This way, you will have 12 different pages to display your photos. 

Creating photo calendars and photobooks follows almost the same process in that you outsource its creation online. Creating a home photo calendar through an online service provider is easy. 

Once you are on an online photo printing service provider’s website, you will only need to find a design and add your photos; you may also need to arrange your photos in the order of how you want them to appear on your home photo calendar. Once you are done with customizing, the service provider will mail your calendar to your location.  

  1. SlideShows and Video

Photos, when used right, can tell a story. And there is no better way of making your photos tell a story than using them to create a slideshow or video. You only need to arrange them in the order of events on a slide or video editor. 

That way, anyone can follow your story from start to end. While there is no limit to the photos you can use, you want to keep your slideshow or video short, so you may want to sort your photos and only use the best. 

You could add your favorite audio and captions to your slideshow or video to make your story captivating and more fun to watch.

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