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5 Items of Furniture You Need in Your Toddler’s Bedroom

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When the time comes for your baby to stop co-sleeping with you and move into their very first toddler bedroom, it’s a sweet but heartbreaking milestone. One way to get over the sadness of ending your co-sleeping journey is by planning their brand new toddler bedroom. Wondering what furniture you should include? We’ve got you covered with the five most needed items of furniture that your toddler (and you!) will need their very first bedroom. 

Furniture to Include in Your Toddler’s Bedroom

After raising two boy toddlers, these are the items of furniture in their bedrooms that I couldn’t have lived without:

  • Bookshelves or bookcases for all their books
  • Toy storage
  • Toddler bed
  • Drawers for their vests, underwear etc
  • Wardrobe for their other clothes

Let’s take a look at each in turn.

Bookshelves or bookcases for all their books

Reading is such an important thing to do with your toddler and we have always had hundreds and hundreds of books so that they’ve not got bored of reading the same ones over and over. Ensuring you have storage for all their books such as shelves or even splurging out on bespoke bookcases means the room won’t be cluttered. 

Toy storage

Books can cause a lot of clutter, as can toys! Having ample toy storage is key to ensuring your toddler’s bedroom stays looking pristine, but is also a safe space where they can play with their toys. IKEA’s Kallax is a great way to arrange toys using fabric boxes and it looks really cute too!

Toddler bed

A bedroom wouldn’t be complete without a bed for your toddler. Both of our boys have transitioned into toddler beds after co-sleeping with us. We love how toddler beds are so close to the floor so you don’t need to worry about them falling out of bed and hurting themselves.

Drawers for their vests, underwear etc

Having drawers for your toddler’s socks, underwear (they’ll soon be potty training!), gloves, hats, swimming gear and everything else they own will reduce mess in the toddler’s bedroom and keep everything nice and organised. We love HEMNES by Ikea and you can even get cute fabric storage boxes to keep the drawers organised too!

Wardrobe for their other clothes

Of course, your toddler will have lots of clothes that need to sit on hangers, so a wardrobe is a must. If you have a sloped ceiling you may need to visit this website to find a bespoke option for the bedroom, or again you could head to IKEA where they have options that are small enough for your toddler to use themselves! Great for their development as well as making your life easier too!

What other pieces of furniture would you include in a toddler bedroom? 

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