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AD | Thorntons Unveil Their Revamped Store in Liverpool One

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Christmas is quickly approaching and last year Thornton reopened their Liverpool One store after a stunning revamp.

The boys and I were fortunate enough to be invited to their preview evening to find out exactly what Thorntons is all about- its history, the story behind each and every chocolate and what they hope to offer customers in their beautiful and bright new store in the heart of Liverpool’s city centre.

If you think about chocolate, and more specifically, a brand of chocolate that makes the perfect gift for friends and family, it’s always Thorntons that comes to mind.

Established over 100 years ago by Joseph Thornton in Sheffield, this iconic confectioners has realised its founders dream of being ‘the best sweet shop in town‘ by a country mile, with its luxurious continental chocolates which were launched in 1954, an unique toffee recipe created in 1924 and the beginning of Easter eggs in 1922.

Stepping into Liverpool One’s relaunched Thorntons store is almost like stepping back in time with staff who pride themselves on their knowledge and skill, an in-house chocolatier who has designed some of her own luxurious chocolates and a stall dedicated to gift wrapping your perfect purchase, ready to gift to your loved one.

Chocolate displays including toffee and fudge inside the new Thornton's store in Liverpool One

I was really excited to see what was new in the store and manager, Dawn was keen to let me know of all the fantastic things we can expect to see within the newly revamped store.

Chocolate block library

Now, I am a big fan of libraries, being quite the book-worm, but imagine a library that was filled with delicious, moreish chocolate, the size of a small book. You needn’t imagine it – as it’s very real and exists right here, in the heart of the Thorntons shop in Liverpool One.

There are twelve chocolate blocks of deliciously thick chocolate to choose from and you can either buy single blocks or create a package of five which can then be gift wrapped, with a bow, for an indulgent treat for yourself, or as a fabulously generous gift for someone else. Thorntons gave me the opportunity to create a package of five blocks and I chose Dark Chilli, Caramel Cheesecake, Honeycomb, Ginger and Fudge Brownie. Each block, the size of a small book – which I guess is why they call it a library – are stacked on the shelves just like you were in Central Library looking for your favourite novel. The exquisite gift wrapping made me not want to open the package, but once I did, I was so glad I had – the chocolate inside was to die for, a real treat after a long day battling with the kids.

Personalisation station

Something Thorntons is well known for is the personalisation you can get on some of their chocolates. Over the years we have bought Easter eggs for the boys with their names on which makes that chocolate gift just that little bit more special. I was so pleased to see that the new Thorntons store has a dedicated personalisation station and I picked up a couple of Cheeky Elf advent calendars for each of my sons which were personalised with their names using icing. I am so excited to get these out at the beginning of December and start Christmas off as magically as I want it to end. I know Dexter especially is going to be thrilled to see his name on his very own advent calendar.

Crafter personalising our advent calender inside the new Thornton's shop in Liverpool One

Craft chocolatier personalising our advent calendars in Thornton's new shop in Liverpool One

Thorntons Craftery

Thortons are very proud to unveil their new craftery area within the revamped store in Liverpool One and it’s not difficult to see why. The craftery is presided over by Thorntons very own in-house chocolatier who has crafted some of her own chocolates as well as recreating the Thorntons classics. At this area, all the chocolates are displayed in a beautiful glass case and you can select nine of your favourites to be placed in a stunning box, ready to be gift wrapped as a sweet treat for someone special. The lovely chocolatier was so helpful helping me pick which chocolates I’d like best based on the few I’d already picked and I was so pleased with the resulting box of my very own chocolates – this box will be all for me and there’ll be no need for me to fob off the ones I don’t like to my husband, much to his chagrin!

The chocolates available for the vraftery box in Thornton#s new store in Liverpool One

Choclatier selecting the chocolates to make our own box of personalised chocolates

Thornton's employee wrapping our crafted chocolates next to a sign describing each chocolate

The new Thorntons Cafe

The redesigned Thorntons cafe is possibly my most favourite part of the revamped store and is somewhere I am going to return to time and time again, each time I come to Liverpool One to go shopping.

As well as being able to purchase Thorntons hot chocolate and chocolatey shakes, there are a plethora of cakes to choose from, all based on Thorntons classics including the Triple Chocolate, Alpini Praline and the Sicilian Lemon.

What’s more, there’s a huge range of breakfast items, toasties and paninis, plus the opportunity to book in for afternoon tea where you can sample a range of sandwiches, hot drinks and delicious Thorntons cakes.

The afternoon tea available in Thornton's new store in Liverpool One

Cake and sandwiches stacked on afternoon tea tray next to a menu in Thornton's new store in Liverpool One

The cafe at the back of the new Thornton's store in Liverpool one with cosy seating

Thorntons Gift wrapping station

Thorntons have a gift wrapping station available where your lovingly purchased chocolates can be expertly wrapped by a member of staff using double sided tape to create a seamless gift wrap. I know for many of us busy Mums and Dads, this gift wrapping service will be a life saver and will save us so much time (and money!) on purchasing wrapping paper, bows and tape elsewhere.

The box of chocolate sbeing wrapped by the gift wrapping service inside Thornton's new store in Liverpool One

The finishing off of the gift wrap inside Thornton's new store in Liverpool One

What else is going on instore?

As well as everything else I have mentioned, the newly revamped Thontons store is also offering a wide range of Thorntons ice creams for you to enjoy, plus a chocolate fountain with a selection of mini doughnuts, marshmallows and strawberries for you to dip into it. There is literally something for every chocolate lover inside this new store, whether you’re looking for the ideal gift for someone, or looking to treat yourself, at every turn there’s a sensory delight to tickle your tastebuds and make you feel like you’ve entered a chocolate paradise.

Ice cream available in Thornton's new store in Liverpool One

Ice cream available in the new Thorntons store in Liverpool One

Chocolate fondue next to jars of strawberries and marshmallows in Thornton's new store in Liverpool One

I will definitely be returning to Thorntons over the coming months to top up my Christmas gifts, take some time to relax in the new cafe with one of their delicious hot chocolates and I’ll definitely be back in the summer to sample their ice creams.

Next time you’re in Liverpool One, be sure to head into Thorntons to see for yourself what an amazing spread of chocolate delights lay in store for you.

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