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Felix’s 18 Month Update

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My darling boy. You are 18 months old. When Dexter was the same age, he felt like a fully fledged toddler, and although you’re walking, you’re still a baby to me.

You’ve been walking for a couple of months now, but thanks to lockdown you still don’t have your own shoes! You’ve been wearing an old pair of Dexter’s for now which, at first, seemed a tad big, but suddenly seem quite snug indeed! I can’t wait for the shops to reopen so we can get you measured and kitted out properly.

Felix on the ramp in the park wearing a blue coat

You absolutely love walking and so I encourage it wherever we can. You spent two hours exploring the park on foot the other day which was incredible. You love being outdoors and are constantly going to the cupboard to fetch your shoes and coat and taking them to the front door where you point earnestly that you want to be set free from the confines of the house.

You don’t say many words, but your comprehension is very, very good. You follow instructions well and stop what you are doing whenever you are told ‘no’. You enjoy taking rubbish to the bin, fetching your own nappies, turning the TV on and grabbing your bib ready to eat.

Felix eating an ice lolly in the garden wearing best bro t-shirt

Everything is ‘uh oh’ with you. Dropping anything or standing on something by accident will mean you begin announcing ‘uh oh’ without delay. It’s really, really funny.

You absolutely LOVE your food and will try anything and everything. You like being spoon or fork fed and will pass me the Doddl cutlery so I can fees you instead of you doing it. You can use a spoon and fork pretty well these days to feed yourself but I don’t mind helping out if needed.

Felix with a pack of chalks and chalkboard in the background

You love cottage pie, sausages, pasta, curry, burgers, in fact, why am I even listing things – you love everything you are given! You aren’t that keen of veggies, but you will eat them if they’re in a meal like cottage pie, or if I feed them to you on a fork. You’re not big on fruit either but you do enjoy apples, grapes, bananas and satsumas.

You’re a fantastic sleeper and will go twelve hours at night and have 2-3 hours during the day, usually after dinner at midday-ish. At nursery, you sleep a little less – around one hour – but you’ve got used to that now and no longer become overtired.

felix grinning at the camera in the woods

You love your brother, but he also causes you a lot of rage. You both seem to always want whatever each other – even it’s the most nothing of things. You can be aggressive, despite your extremely gentle disposition and you have an iron grip. Trying to tear you off fighting your brother is a hard task, but as stay firm as we know that boundary setting at this age is so, so important.

You love nothing better than a good cuddle and love giving kisses if we ask for them. You love to our your head down on us or be cuddled to sleep in the evenings – although the majority of the time you self soothe to sleep. You are calm and content sitting in your high chair, riding in the car or simply sitting on our knee, which is a big difference to on-the-go Dexter.

Daddy, Mummy and Felix in the park

You’ve started getting into TV these past few weeks. You love the Baby Club, Mr Tumble and Catie’s Amazing Machines. You also love putting your head on my chest and watching whatever weird and wonderful things Dexter and I watch on YouTube.

You love seeing ducks and birds, so it’s lucky we live in an area that is full of them! You think all animals say woof, so that’s pretty funny when we head to the canal, see a duck and you start exclaimed woof woof! We can’t wait to take you to Martin Mere when lockdown is over so you can see hundreds of different types of birds.

Mummy kissing Felix on the head with ducks in the background

We love you so much little Felix. I can’t wait to see how your grow and change over the next six months, but am also so sad that very, very soon, you will no longer be our baby anymore. Until then, I am keeping tight hold of every cuddle, kiss and gurgle.

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