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Are You Ready For These Parenting Decisions?

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So your bundle of joy is getting older and the decisions you have to make start changing. Of course, there is no manual you are given to refer back to, there is no parenting rule book. You find yourself asking questions you have never asked or never needed to ask. Most of the time parents like yourself are winging it and hoping and praying for the best. Let’s look at how to tackle three issues as kids get older. 

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How To Discipline?

This is such a tricky subject. Kids need discipline, discipline has many benefits to children including making them feel safe and secure in the knowledge that their parents are looking after them and enabling them to remain children. No child wants to make the decisions, no child actively goes out and plans to be naughty, this comes from lack of discipline growing up. 

Smacking is a big no no, you will hear a lot of people say ‘ah but I was smacked and it never did me any harm’. Children do not deserve to be harmed in any way, they are just learning, pushing boundaries with authority figures is all part of learning, growing, and developing. 

Alternative discipline methods include sticker charts – rewarding the good behavior and teaching consequences for bad behavior. Time out is a popular choice for parents as well, if your child is pushing you more and more then after 3 warnings they get put in the time out area. You need to decide where this will be and stick to it, it could be the bottom step on the stairs or a corner somewhere. Children will quickly learn what is right and what they can and can’t do. 

The Right Kindergarten Or School 

One big important decision you will have to make as a parent is where to send your child to kindergarten and school. Looking for schools can be a daunting prospect but it is quite straightforward. You can simply research child care and kindergarten in the town you live and a list of different options will come up. 

One childcare option may be to hire a nanny, this is someone who works in your own home looking after your children. Children quite often flourish with nannies as they aren’t being removed from their familiar environment to be looked after elsewhere. The only disadvantage of this is that they may not get the social side that many other children get who attend bigger settings. 

Setting Up Your Childs Room

Finally, as your child gets older they will move into their own room, usually around the 6-month-old stage, but it is whenever works best for you and your family. A child’s room should be colorful and engaging but at the same time have the option of being dark ready for naps and nighttime sleep. Blackout blinds are a must as the bright sunshine will keep your child awake when you need them to be napping. As they get older you will need to ask the question as to whether they need a TV in their room or not. 

We hope this helps you with the important decisions you have to make. Just remember you are doing a great job.

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