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Baby Led Weaning Recipe: Veggie Omelette

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This baby led weaning omelette is another great way of using up those pesky purees that are clogging up your freezer space but you no longer wish to use because you are going down the baby led weaning route. Here I’ve used broccoli and carrot purée, but I reckon any combination of veg will work.

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I microwaved my purees to get them back into their liquified state and added two eggs, a tiny dot of whole cows milk, pepper and parsley.

I mixed up the ingredients until smooth and poured the mixture into a frying pain which I’d oiled with some fry-light. Coconut or olive oil will work just as well.

baby led weaning omelette being cooked in the pan

I let it cook for around four minutes while the grill was preheating. I then put it under the grill for two minutes until I was sure the omelette was cooked through.

Cut up baby led weaning omelette on a munchkin hot plate

Once it had cooled I cut it into finger sized pieces. There’s enough here for two portions I reckon (if you count what’s going to end up on the floor) so I bagged up the rest and refrigerated it for tomorrow.

The first offering of this didn’t go down too well. He pulled a lot of faces, I am unsure if he actually likes carrot. But, on the second offering the following day, he ate it all up. It’s so important to keep offering foods that baby appears to dislike, because it can sometimes take a few goes for them to find a taste for it. I love how soft omelettes are and easy to suck and chew as well as being healthy.

Dexter eating a baby led weaning omelette

This recipe is quick to make and ready in under ten minutes. You could add a bit of cheese to get some extra dairy in there or add other herbs and spices. I’d like to try spinach and garlic or cauliflower and cheese next time.

Let me know if you try this baby led weaning omelette by leaving a comment below.

Share this post with your friends!