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Baby Led Weaning: The Second Week in

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So we are now in the second week of our BLW journey. It’s probably been the most anxious time of our whole six months together but everyday I am gaining more and more confidence.This week he has tried, noodles, pork, cheese on toast, pasta, apple, peach, banana, porridge, yoghurt, boiled egg, broccoli, cauliflower cheese muffins and pancakes.

I am slowly starting to introduce breakfast so he’s pretty much on three meals a day. I talked last week about how I was finding it difficult to fit in food and bottles but I am finding an easier routine which looks like this:

8am                                         Wake up and bottle

9am                                         Breakfast

10am                                       Nap

11am                                       Bottle

12pm                                       Lunch

1pm                                         Nap

3pm                                         Bottle

4/5pm                                     Tea

6pm                                         Bottle and bed

The gagging has significantly reduced, especially in those foods he is used to eating like pancakes, satsumas and apples. I have found it much easier (for us both) if I microwave fruits like apples and pears in a little hot water for a few minutes to make them much softer. For satsumas I started last week by cutting each segment in half long ways, but now I cut them into three pieces making them the same size as a blueberry. His pincer grip means he can get most of them in his mouth and it’s great for his motor skills to keep working on it.

I try and offer a carb (such as bread, pasta, noodles) a protein (chicken, cheese, pork) and a fruit or veg. This is what my portions look like:


Crumpet (half)

Toast (one slice, crusts cut off)

Sandwich (two slices, crusts cut off, cut into four triangles: offer two triangles)

Muffins (half if made with plain flour, full if made with coconut flour)

Noodles (half a nest)

Pasta (five or six spirals)

Pancakes (three tablespoon sized)

Baby rice cakes (two)


Chicken/pork/beef (three finger sized strips)

Sausage (half cut lengthways)

Cheese 15g

Fruit and Veg:

Apple / Pear – half

Banana – full

Mango / Melon – three cubes

Strawberries – 2 quarterted

Satsuma – half

Blueberries – six or seven

Broccoli florets – three

*I believe that the general rule of thumb is a carbs portion should be the same size as baby’s fist. I probably offer double that, as I am aware quite a bit ends up on the floor.

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I haven’t noticed a reduction in the amount of milk Dexter is taking. He is having four 7oz bottles during the day and a 9oz bottle at midnight totalling around 37oz a day. I will be looking to reduce this midnight feed in the coming weeks. I have tried in the past to eliminate it completely, however he ended up waking up in the night hungry so I am reluctant to drop it completely just yet.This week also saw Dexter eat his lunch in front of someone who wasn’t me or his dad. It was even more nerve wracking than usual because the last thing you want is a choking or bad gagging incident and that other person to freak out. Luckily Dexter’s grandad is very supportive of BLW and understands the benefits.

It has been amazing to see Dexter become more adept at picking up smaller pieces and working out how to get them in his mouth.

I’m so excited to see what the following few weeks bring to our BLW journey.


Share this post with your friends!

Lucy's Locket

Monday 5th of December 2016

Does he eat this much or is it just what you offer him? We are almost 2 months in to BLW now and Lilly still isn't eating anywhere near this much, even if offered


Monday 5th of December 2016

This is just what I offer him. He hasn't dropped any milk feeds so he's not eating an awful lot. His biggest meal is breakfast. He will eat the half a crumpet and a whole banana if I offer it to him.

Devon Mama

Saturday 3rd of December 2016

He does so well with his foods!! We're attempting baby led at the moment but I'm terrified to entrust that to my mum for example when she looks after him - I think a gagging incident would send her over the edge!! Stealing some of your foods to try also! x

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