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Breastfeeding Essentials When You Have a Second Child

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Although Dexter was bottle fed, I was hell bent on breastfeeding last time, but it just didn’t work out. I really want to breastfeed this new baby and I’m going to try to persevere while trying to be a bit more laid back about it this time. Being prepared for a breastfeeding journey is key, here are the breastfeeding essentials I have stocked up on ready for baby number two’s imminent arrival next month.

My 8 Breastfeeding Essentials

Nipple Cream

A tube of Lanisoh nipple cream, one of our breastfeeding essentials

Because of Dexter’s poor (and mostly non existent) latch, my nipples were super sore last time and nipple cream helped them heal in between attempted feeds. Lanisoh HPA Lanolin cream comes highly rated so I’ll be using a tube of that again.

Breast Pads

My boobs were really leaky last time and every time I thought about Dexter (which was practically every second of every day) the good stuff would start squirting out. I’m going to have plenty of breast pads on hand to save embarrassing boob leaks when we have people round to visit the baby or I decide to venture out into the village.

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Nursing Bra

A woman in front of a fireplace in a Panache black nursing bra, one of our breastfeeding essentials, sporting a baby bump.

Easy access to the boobs is essential and I got this gorgeous Panache Sophie bra from JD Williams to help me on my latest breastfeeding journey. Each cup has a clip so you can pull the cup down for easy boob access. It isn’t underwired which makes it super comfortable and despite the lacy luxurious design, it feels really nice to wear and not at all restrictive or uncomfortable like some sexy bras.

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Breast Pump

I found a breast pump invaluable when Dexter was born as I couldn’t get him to latch, so being able to pump and get enough to bottle feed him put my mind at rest that he wasn’t going to starve. Some mums will say pumping should be avoided for the first few weeks while you establish feeding but I’m going to have my Tommee Tippee electric breast pump on hand incase I feel that baby needs a bit extra.

Toddler Toys

A box of Stickle blocks and a box of cars, perfect entertainment for your toddler and one of our breastfeeding essentials

This time I’ll also have a toddler to entertain while trying to breastfeed so getting him set up with some stimulating and engaging toys is going to be a biggie on the breastfeeding essentials list. Luckily my due date coincides with Christmas so I’ve got him lots of little gifts ready so I can concentrate on getting baby to latch in a comfortable position on the sofa.

Netflix Subscription

Dexter won’t always be with me and the baby though as he will continue to go to childcare during the week. For these moments (and I’m sure they’ll feel like fleeting moments) I am going to reinstate my Netflix subscription so that baby can feed and sleep on me while I binge watch Sabrina, Jane the Virgin, Making a Murderer and Brooklyn 99.

Mother Sucker Suction Cup

I hadn’t heard of suction cups the first time around but then I stumbled up on the Mother Sucker. It is simply a silicone suction cup you attach to your breast while baby is feeding from the other and it will collect and store the milk that usually would just get wasted. I’m really excited to try this product this time and see how much milk I’m actually saving instead of wasting.

Nipple Shields

Nipple shields can help in those early days of baby is struggling to latch. I didn’t have any on hand last time so this time I’m prepared with some Lansinoh Contact Nipple Shields.

What are your breastfeeding essentials?

Thinking about breastfeeding your baby? Make sure you stock up on these 8 breastfeeding essentials which will make your breastfeeding journey so much easier when your newborn arrives #breastfeeding #breastfeedingtips


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Tuesday 4th of December 2018

I only breastfed for 6 weeks (10 years ago) but therefore all really useful and sensible items x Great post x

Devon Mama

Monday 3rd of December 2018

Yes yes yes, all of these and an extra long phone charger!