• How to Grow Page Views to Your Blog: A Beginner’s Guide

    15th February 2017

    Back in 2016, when I had just started my blog, I was averaging around 100 views per day. It was one of my blogging goals to grow page views by 10% each month. Now, half way through February, I am averaging around 400 page views per day, a growth of 300%! How did I grow…

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  • laptop showing Mummy to Dex blog situated on a windowsill

    How to Grow Traffic to your Blog Using Pinterest

    8th February 2017

    In December 2016, the number of people who clicked through to my blog from Pinterest was 79. This represented just under 2% of my total traffic. Two years on and the number of people coming to visit my site averages 4000 a month and this is without the use of Tailwind. Pinterest referrals account for…

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  • me and Dexter outside coral island with blackpool tower peering over us

    Sunshine Blogger Awards

    7th February 2017

    Thank you to the Rambling Mum for tagging me in the Sunshine Blogger Awards. I’d never heard of this before, but I am guessing the general gist is that I answer some questions, then tag a few more bloggers with some questions of my own. So, to start, I will answer Rambling Mum’s questions:

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  • How to Start Blogging in a Few Easy Steps

    1st February 2017

    I’ve started receiving quite a few emails over the past few weeks asking me how I started blogging and asking for my advice on how to become a Mummy blogger. It’s always lovely to receive emails from people who have been reading my blog and have felt inspired to start blogging themselves. Here I wanted to…

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  • The Bedtime Tag

    25th January 2017

    Thank you to my bezzie Nicola (cool name btw) over at iamcrabstix.com for the tag. This particular tag is all about bedtime! Let’s crack on with the questions…. 1. Describe your usual bedtime routine. I slide into bed after I’ve put the D-due down at around 7-7.30pm and sit there for the next five to six…

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  • Blogging Goals for 2017

    28th December 2016

    I started blogging in October 2016 and it’s been a pleasure to be able to record everything I’ve been doing with Dex. Through blogging, I’ve met some really lovely people and read some excellent posts. It’s been so nice to see people take an interest in what I am writing about and I’ve been so…

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