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Toddler Christmas Gift Guide

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Or most stressful, depending on what line of work you do and how many people you need to buy for. If, like me, you work in retail, this time of years means you are working harder than ever before and barely have any time to do Christmas shopping. Luckily, I am here to make things that bit easier for you. I’ve created this toddler gift guide to help you pick out something adorable for the toddler in your life, whether it be your baby girl or your grandson, I hope there’s something here that really tickles your fancy!

1. Dexter the Digger by WOW toys. £32.99*

This gorgeously crafted motorised digger is suitable for toddler aged 18 months to five years and comes along with three rattling boulders and a little figure who sits proudly in the front of the vehicle. I love how this toy encourages fine motor skills by encouraging your toddler to use the mechanical arm to scoop the boulders. The digger also makes a realistic engine noise which alone has kept Dex absorbed for hours!

2. The Very Hungry Caterpillar Pull-Along by Rainbow Designs £14.99*

We ADORE The Very Hungry Caterpillar in this house and Dex loves it when I read the story and exclaim that I can’t believe how much such a little creature can eat. This gorgeous wooden pull-along is the perfect gift for lovers of the book. Dex has reached that age where he enjoys pulling things and this brightly coloured caterpillar is suitable for twelve months an upwards.

3. Playtime Bus with Phonics by V-Tech £22.99

This brightly coloured bus is suitable for toddlers aged one year up to three years old and will become more and more useful as toddler grows. Dexter adores big red buses, mainly due to the fact that his favourite nursery rhyme is The Wheels on the Bus, but also because they are just so cool to look at. I love this particular toy because it encourages learning of phonics, numbers, letters and vocabulary and in my opinion, toddlers are never too young to start learning. I am hoping this will encourage Dexter’s vocabulary as we are currently stuck on only five words!

4. CAT Buildin’ Crew Take-A-Part Buddies by Toy State. £22.98*

Dexter adores this Take-Apart toy despite it being aimed at toddlers a bit older at 3 years of age. His obsession with trucks fuels his love for the bright yellow machine and he also loves the electronic power drill which whizzes and whirrs. He is too little to understand that the power drill can detach and reattach seven different screws on the truck, but I love that this toy will last him for years. 

5. Toddlebike2  £23.95*

This beautifully crafted balance bike is perfect for toddlers aged one to three and is the perfect way for your little one to get used to riding a bike. My good friend Devon Mama describes it as, ‘sleek and interesting, to the point that I don’t mind having it on display in the house.’ and to be honest, I couldn’t agree more. Dexter’s Daddy is bike mad and for him, getting Dex ready to be a world champion cyclists starts with this bike. A must have for any toddler who can confidently walk. I have a discount code if you are looking to purchase a Toddlebike this year:  BLOG17

6. 3 Tier Wooden Toy Garage Playset by John Lewis £35.00

No Christmas Gift Guide is complete without featuring a garage playset, one of my favourite toys as a toddler. This wooden creation is aesthetically pleasing while giving your toddler hours of fun. Any car mad toddler will love pretending to fill up their cars with petrol, moving their car up and down the lift with the attached pulley and simulating a car race by whizzing their vehicle along the tracks. This playset is suitable for toddlers aged three and above. 

7. Hotpoint Toy Electronic Washing Machine by Casdon £25.00

I had to include this life-like minature version of a Hotpoint washing machine because I remember it being my favourite toy as a toddler. Dexter is absolutely OBSESSED with our washing machine and loves nothing more than opening and closing the door, pulling washing in and out of the drum and pushing all of the buttons, much to my annoyance when I’m trying to plough my way through the endless washing pile! This washing machine keeps him entertained for hours and keeps his little hands busy while I’m trying to get my drying done.



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Thursday 14th of December 2017

We got our son a Dexter the Digger this year and think he'll absolutely love it. Or at least he will if we can keep the older ones away from it, it just looks like so much fun.

Lindsey Smith

Monday 11th of December 2017

Sneaking a little look at all the presents and thinking my mum hadn't noticed the little tears!

paula cheadle

Monday 11th of December 2017

Looks like great, my grandson

Teresa sheldon

Monday 11th of December 2017

The first Christmas that both Finley and Dexter (last year) knew what Christmas was all about and they both got excited about Father Christmas coming and were so excited when they saw that he had eaten his pie and the reindeers had eaten their carrots priceless memory

Miss Tracy Hanson

Monday 11th of December 2017

Not last year, but the year before someone knocked on the front door and when my Mum answered it was my sister and brother-in-law. They live in the USA and had managed to get over to the UK as a surprise without any of us knowing apart from my niece (as my sister knew she would be worrying if she couldn't get hold of her). The look on my Mum's face was definitely the best thing that year. They had even rung the place where we were having Christmas dinner and managed to get 2 extra places at the table.