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December // What I am Most Looking Forward to.

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It’s Dexter’s first December and I am so excited about all the wonderful things that come with this cold Christmassy month.

1. Listening to Christmas songs on the TV. You have to have the music videos to go along with them so you can watch Band Aid and play spot the singer and laugh at the funny outfits they wore in the 70s! I can never quite pick between Elton John, Band Aid and Paul McCartney as my favourite Christmas song.

2. Wrapping presents with the heating on. I am particularly looking forward to this job this year because for the first time ever I am super organised and my Christmas shopping is already complete. I am waiting for a few items to arrive in the post and then the wrapping can begin!

3. Celebrating the shortest day. I hate these dark nights and mornings and was pleased to be reminded on Facebook earlier this week that the shortest day is coming up in three short weeks. I am gladly looking forward to the nights drawing back out.

4. Taking Dexter to visit Santa. What December isn’t complete for a child without a visit to see Father Christmas. Dexter will be too young to remember but the photos and memories will be amazing.

5. Eating to my heart’s content. December is not the time for a diet. I’ve been very good and stuck to plan for the past few months and my hard work has paid off. I’m 7lbs lighter than my pre pregnancy weight and 3lbs off my second target weight of 130lbs. I can afford to have an easy month of eating fantastic food with friends and family. I’m particularly looking forward to pâté, turkey with all the trimmings, chocolate and lots of Schloer. Just like last Christmas, I won’t be drinking again this year. I will mostly be driving plus I don’t really see much point in getting sloshed.

6. School term ends. I can’t wait for my husband to finish work and spend two weeks with us as a family. He is dearly missed everyday when he goes to work but we are so thankful that he is bringing in the money for us so that I am able to take the full 12 months off work. Thank you Neil!

7. Christmas dinner BLW. No puréed Christmas dinner pouch for my boy, by the time December 25th rolls around, Dex will be 7 months old and over a month into baby led weaning so I am hoping he will be tucking in nicely to a Christmas dinner. Well, florets of broccoli, bits of soft turkey, some mashed potato and whatever other veg is on offer. I think we’ll stay away from the pigs in blankets! I think he deserves some cake for dessert though.

8. Cuddling on the sofa watching Christmas films. I purchased a Now TV monthly movies pass last night so we can enjoy Christmas movies together as a family (and as a couple) for the next 30 days. My absolutely favourite is A Christmas Carol starting Alistair Sim as Scrooge.

9. Watching the fireworks on our balcony on December 31st. We have the most amazing view from our flat of the river Mersey and the Wirral and the view of the fireworks is incredible. We can also hear the ships sounding their horns bringing in the New Year. I hope it’s our last New Year in this flat so we will really make the most of it.

10. Decorating indoors and outdoors for holidays. The holidays are a special time of year when friends and family come together to celebrate. One of the best ways to spread holiday cheer is by decorating our homes, both inside and out. There are endless possibilities for indoor holiday decor, from simple string lights to more elaborate displays. The day you put the decorations on is going to be one of the happiest days for your children. When it comes to the outdoors,  custom winter inflatables are a great way to show your holiday spirit. One type of inflatable that is growing in popularity is the inflatable with lights. They are often chosen for their festive appearance and wide range of shapes and sizes.  No matter how you choose to decorate, remember that the most important thing is to have fun and enjoy this special time of year.

What are you looking forward to most this December?

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