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Essential Underwear for New Mums

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Congratulations on entering a new phase of life! Parenthood is going to bring a whole new set of challenges and rewards, so buckle up and enjoy the ride ahead. First things first, you need to recover after your birth, whilst also getting used to being a parent. One thing that can help you ease into your new role is your underwear. Yes, underwear! The right pairs can help you to manage your postpartum fluids, changing body, and baby duties. Let’s explore the different types for you to think about. 

Materials: Seamless, Stretchy and Breathable

When it comes to your postpartum underwear, for your top and bottom you want to find materials that are going to allow you to be as comfortable as possible when you’re in recovery mode. Cotton underwear can be a great option as it’s absorbent and soft to the touch, as well as breathable. Your body still has plenty of changes to undergo so adaptable underwear is imperative right now.


If you had a cesarean, then your recovery may be a bit different – it can take around 6 weeks but this does vary from one individual to the next. However, if you have the right underwear to help you through this process, then this will be very welcome. You’re going to want to find high waisted knickers that go above your incision without causing any friction to the affected area – avoid elastic! You’re better off getting specially designed styles that compress this area to keep everything in place whilst you get better. 

Disposable Styles?

Although perhaps not the best option environmentally, disposable panties can be a godsend when you’ve recently given birth. You are going to be bleeding and if you don’t use disposable bottoms, then you may just ruin styles that you already have. So, perhaps for the first few days or so after giving birth, this is something that could work well for you. 

Nursing Bra

If you’re going to be breastfeeding your baby, then a nursing bra is definitely something that you should prioritize. Good quality nursing bras are not only super comfy and functional, but they can also soak up any milk leaks you may experience. Within a few seconds, you can unstrap your supportive cup and feed your baby, no matter where you are. Your old bra is not going to be able to cut it, especially when your breasts have probably dramatically increased in size! Definitely time to invest in a nursing bra to get you through the breastfeeding period. 

A Little Treat

There’s not much that’s glamorous about pregnancy, giving birth, and the early stages of motherhood. And this can take its toll on new parents – but try not to let it. Why not allow yourself a little treat? One way to make yourself feel sexy is to get a new set of underwear that you love. It may have to be a few months after giving birth before you actually wear it, but if you have your eye on it then it can give you a little boost for when you can buy and get it on! 

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