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How To Plan The Perfect Baby Shower

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Baby showers are special parties. It is an opportunity for the parent-to-be and all their closest friends and family to celebrate the amazing gift of life and get ready for a big change. It may seem like a simple party to plan, for for a top-tier baby shower that people are going to remember for years to come you need to put in a little extra effort. 

Here is a quick and simple guide that covers the basics. With the right amount of planning and preparation, your next baby shower will be talked about all through the child’s life. If you are not careful, you may be asked to organize everyone’s baby shower.

No Show, No Problem

One of the biggest challenges when planning a baby shower is arranging a date that allows every invitee to attend. This can be a big problem. Many of your attendees will have work commitments that keep them tied up during the week, and others will have plans on most weekends. Saving a date is a bigger problem than many people realize. Fortunately, help is at hand from some virtual baby shower games and activities.

To make sure everyone can get involved, even if they cannot attend, check out this guide to some virtual games from Greenvelope. Not only can they help you to discover some great virtual games to play with pals who cannot make it, but they can also help you send digital invites too. These are great for making a stylish, custom invite and keeping track of RSVPs. If someone says they cannot make it, invite them to a virtual game or two.

Location, Location, Location

Choosing the right venue is crucial to the success of a baby shower. Having one at a home is a great option, of course, but consider spending a little extra on an outside venue. This cuts down on a lot of the stress, and no one has to clean up afterward. You can also pass on catering and bartending duties to the venue, freeing up the party planners so they can enjoy the event just as much as their guests.

You want a little privacy for a baby shower. Booking a table at a restaurant may seem like a good idea on the surface, but it can quickly become awkward when you are having fun and enjoying a few laughs amongst other diners. Try to book a space that is all yours. This allows you to decorate too, you can arrive early and put up the banners and balloons to make the room your own and focused on the parents-to-be.

Have An Agenda

To enjoy the best baby shower possible, you are going to need to arrange some timings for games and present-giving. This is especially important if you have virtual attendees who may be joining on a break from work. They need to know when to join in on a Zoom call or a Whatsapp group video to celebrate with the people who could make it to the day. 

It does not have to be too strict and followed to the minute, but you should have a timetable for the event to make sure nothing and no one gets missed out. It is a good idea to share your timetable with the attendees ahead of the date so they know what is in store for them and can plan accordingly. You can include it on the invites if you are organized ahead of time. Make sure there is some wiggle room on your timings for delays, and plenty of time to eat, drink, and be merry.

Find Fantastic Favours

The souvenirs of a baby shower are one of most people’s favorite parts of the event. Party favors are a great way to memorialize the day and give your attendees a keepsake to remind them of this special day. Something that you can personalize with the date and the name of the parent-to-be is perfect for the job and will help attendees to remember the event in the future. 

People often like to give out edible treats like candy. This is always welcome but they are quickly consumed and leave people with nothing to take home with them. If you do want to include some snacks, put them in something durable and long-lasting like an engraved glass or treasure box. Once the candy has been eaten, your attendees have a little keepsake that will help them to remember this special event.

The key to a successful baby shower is to start planning early. Remember that there is a ticking clock, you may only have a few months before the due date. If the birth-giver is going to enjoy themselves at the shower you should try and get it done early so they aren’t weighed down by the life growing inside of them. Follow this guide to get the basics right and you have a functional foundation to build your baby shower upon.

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