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Felix’s 11 Month Update

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Felix, you are 11 months old. I’ve been rubbish at writing your monthly updates and have missed quite a few months, so apologies in advance before I start.

Life has been pretty busy since you came into our lives and the last couple of months have passed by in a blur is sleepless nights and lazy days as you’ve battled through the 10 month sleep regression. I am hoping we are now out of the other side of it after a few nights of better sleep, but I’d hate to speak too soon.

A couple of months ago, you were down to three bottles a day – one in the morning, one in the afternoon and one before bed, but after being struck down with a stomach bug and barely eating and drinking for a week, you have 4-5 bottles a day again! Two in the morning, one in the afternoon, one before bed and one either before midnight or at 4am. You obviously need the nutrients, but it’s been tough going taking a step back like this.

Felix feeding himself in the pub

You love your solid food, although we are finding you much prefer to be spoonfed than feed yourself! That’s you all over though Felix, you are definitely the baby of the family! You were baby led weaned but I’ve always spoonfed things like yoghurt, rice pudding, mashed potato, rice dishes like curries and casseroles. You sometimes protest when we put down finger food and expect us to put it in your mouth for you! It does make us laugh! You enjoy a really varied diet, but your favourite foods are sweet potatoes, yoghurt, satsumas, peanut butter on toast and anything your brother happens to be eating at the same time.

Felix wearing a Fox hat being carried by dad in formby pinewoods

You are a right chunk and although I have no idea what you weigh, you are considerably heavier than other babies/toddlers of the same age and older. You wear 9-12 month clothing and have started wearing a few 12-18 month bits too. You are very cold blooded like me and get cold hands and feet which turn purple! You also have really sensitive skin that turns red with the slightest of knocks and you are prone to rashes on your face and bum when you have a cold or are teething.

Felix in his green pram in the park wearing a grey hat and smoking

You have eight teeth now and although you’re drooling constantly, there doesn’t seem to be anymore on the way. You love brushing your teeth and will spend ages chewing the brush.

You can pull yourself to standing, cruise with ease and have recently started getting yourself back down from standing – although you’re too scared to do this in the lounge after many, many falls when you first started standing. You can sit, but you much prefer to be on your belly and you have shown you do have the ability to crawl properly, but you choose to army crawl the majority of the time.

Felix pulling himself to standing with a huge smile

You have two naps a day. One pretty much as soon as you wake up after your bottle and another in the afternoon. You usually have two hours in the morning and I try to limit you to an hour in the afternoon, otherwise you won’t go to sleep until 9pm and cry and cry. Bedtime is usually between 6-7pm depending on where we’ve been and whether you’ve managed to have a decent afternoon nap (if you sleep in the car, you act as if you haven’t slept at all!).

You’ve had one illness after the other since the beginning of September including numerous colds, rashes and a stomach bug. You never let it dampen your spirit though and are always happy and smiley to everyone you see. You love cuddles and like nothing better than nuzzling into my shoulder or chest or laying your head on me while I stroke you. You adore being tickled gently in your neck and under your arms and you love repeating back sounds that people practise with you. You can’t say any words yet, although we think you try to say Dexter.

Felix say in wheelbarrow with pumpkins next to pumpkin patch

You have recently started pointing and you love pointing at different objects and me telling you what they are. You especially love lights, lampshades and windows and you point at them furtively. You can’t clap yet but you can shake your head, although I’m not sure you understand this means no. You absolutely adore your brother and follow him around incessently much to his annoyance. However, he always wants whatever you are playing with which angers you as you can’t always get whatever it is back!

Felix and Dexter day a pub table wearing skeleton costumes

You rarely cry, but when you do, that fiery red haired temper of yours comes out and you aren’t afraid to let us know you’ve been wronged. You don’t like being left alone and you hate it when Daddy comes home and then disappears into the other room to find a snack! You always let us know when you’re hungry or tired by following us around and trying to climb our legs and you have even started pointing to your cot when it’s time for a nap.

Felix sat in his pram with rash around mouth and eyes

Felix, in less than two months it’ll be time for you to start at childcare when I go back to work, and honestly, I just can’t see how it’s possible. I know you’ll do great there as you are so taken with everyone you meet, but you still seem so tiny and fragile so naturally I am worried. However, on the other hand you are developing as such an incredible rate, we may find you are a fully fledged toddler by the time the 6th January rolls around – who knows!

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Natalie Williams

Friday 15th of November 2019

What a lovely little journal to look back on, where has the time gone! Sleep regression is such a hard stage to go through, I remember it well. These photos are gorgeous!

Hayley | Devon Mama

Thursday 14th of November 2019

I can't believe that he'll be one so soon. That feels like just yesterday!! What a grown up charmer he is now!