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Felix’s 5 Month Update

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Felix, another month has passed by in the blink of an eye and as I look down at you now, sleeping in my arms, I can hardly believe how much you’ve changed this last month.

Last month’s update was all about leap four and the four month sleep regression and I’m pleased to say we are out of the other side of that now. What a difference that leap has made to you though! You can now fully support your own head and are far more switched on to what’s going on around you. You feel about 10lbs lighter now when we carry you as you are much better at supporting your own weight.

You still absolutely love to sleep. You continue to fight it most of the time and we do have to sort of restrain you to get you to nod off, but once you are asleep you sleep! Your favourite way to fight sleep is to rub your eyes and flick your dummy out of your mouth. If we hold your arms down gently as you drift off, we fell your whole body relax and you gently fall asleep. What’s strange is you don’t need a dummy to fall asleep at night and you sleep for 12 hours without it. At night you are still in the Chicco Next to Me but we still bedshare at 4/5am if you’re having a particularly restless night. Your cot is all set up in your room now and this weekend you had a couple of sleeps in there but gosh, we miss you when you’re gone.

Felix asleep in his pram clutching his Lamaze robot

You still squeeze into a few 0-3 sleepsuits but you are mainly wearing 3-6. I even dug out the 6-9 stuff today because you are growing very, very quickly. I’m rubbish at going to get you weighed but you are definitely gaining weight and look lovely and chubby!

You still have five bottles a day of 8oz each and start at 7am and are finished by 6pm. Sometimes you’ll go less than two hours between feeds and we saw that a lot during your last growth spurt. You will be ready to wean in the next 4-5 weeks as you’ve started being able to grab our hands to put in your mouth and chew. You’ve gone from looking ridiculously uncomfortable in your high chair and me wondering if we’d actually have to wait a couple of weeks past six months to wean you, to being able to sit up confidently, spot objects on your tray and attempt to put them to your mouth. It’s been insane how quickly you’ve grown in that respect these past couple of weeks.

Felix doing tummy time on the bed

You don’t have any teeth yet but people love to tell us you’re teething as you have rosy red cheeks, drool all the time and are constantly gnawing on your hands. You never seem uncomfortable though so I don’t think we will see any teeth for some time yet.

You can stay awake for around an hour now before needing another nap so your routine usually involves waking around 7am, back to sleep by 8.30 (due to nursery run, would be asleep by 8am if we were at home), sleep until 9.30, bottle, play until 10.30, sleep until 12.30, bottle, play until 1.30, sleep until 4, bottle, play until 5 and then sometimes you have a quick nap another bottle and bed or sometimes you stay awake until your last bottle at 6 and go down early. It all depends on what’s going on.

Nicola holding Felix in Wemyss Bay train station

When you have your awake time you like tummy time on the Prop-a-Pillar tummy time toy, playing on your Fisher Price playmat, hanging out in your Baby Einstein activity centre or being read to. You love it when I read Room on the Broom and you love me singing George Michael to you (random I know!)

You had your third set of injections this month and did really well. You slept most of the day afterwards and had lots of little cries but your temp stayed down and it was all forgotten a couple of days later.

Felix sat on sofa in the caravan at Wemyss Bay Holiday Park

I can’t believe it’s been another month with you in our lives. We love watching you watch Dexter who you are obsessed with and seeing you grow day after day. You are still the most smiley and content baby we could have wished for and you love giving everyone around you the most beautiful smiles. I am so excited to see what the next month brings and am so privileged to be sharing these special moments with you.

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