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The Best Baby Led Weaning Spoons

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Baby led weaning is all about baby learning how to self feed, so are baby led weaning spoons really necessary? In our opinion, yes they are. Spoons are great for preloading foods such as porridge, yoghurt and soups and it’s great to get baby used to cutlery, way before they start using it properly.

There is so much choice out there when it comes to choosing the best spoon for baby led weaning, so here is a post of our favourite tried and tested baby led weaning spoons.

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Best Spoons for Baby Led Weaning

Let’s look at each one in turn!

Munchkin Soft Tip Infant Spoons

6 Munchkin Soft Tip spoons in a range of colours, our favourite budget baby led weaning spoons

We started out using these baby spoons as they were brightly coloured, cheap and cheerful. They absolutely do the job and are perfect for preloading enough food for small mouths. They are super sturdy and dish washer friendly and we still have them in our drawer over two years later- they definitely stand the test of time. At around £3 for a pack of six, they’re an absolute bargain to boot!

Bamboo Bamboo Baby Feeding Spoons

Bamboo Bamboo baby led weaning spoons in a range of colours

This brand has really gained traction in the past couple of years thanks to beautiful baby led weaning Instagram accounts who showcase their beautiful suction plates and bowls. I was pleased to discover that Bamboo Bamboo now do spoons too which you can find on Amazon for £7.99 for two.

The spoons are lightweight, freezer and heat proof, stain resistant and made from bamboo which is biodegradable and a sustainable source seeing as bamboo can replenish itself within a year. The silicone tip is BPA free and soft and gentle in baby’s mouth. Pair it with a bowl or animal shaped plate and you’ll be posting insta-worthy shots of your baby eating in no time!

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OXO Tot On the Go Spoon

OXO Tot is one of our favourite brands, we’ve loved the toilet seat and step they do and they also do these gorgeous teal and raspberry on the go spoons! The baby led weaning spoon comes with a nifty travel case, perfect for throwing in your changing bag incase you need to do preloaded spoons on the go. It’s the perfect sized spoon for little mouths with a sturdy stainless steel core and a silicone coating so it’s lovely and gentle. At £4.50 for one spoon or around £6-7 for two spoons, the OXO Tot baby led weaning spoon is a decent price too.

Tommee Tippee Explora Heat Sensing Spoons

When it comes to offering things like preloaded spoons of porridge or soup, it can be hard to know if the food is at the right temperature for baby. Enter the Tommee Tippee heat sensing spoons which turn yellow if the food on them is far too hot. We used these baby led weaning spoons a lot with Dexter and loved the soft tip, the fact you can use them in the microwave and are dishwasher friendly as well as the peace of mind they gave us knowing we weren’t offering baby food that we thought was an alright temperature, but was probably a little too hot for their sensitive gums. At around £4 for three spoons, the price isn’t too bad either.

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Choo Mee Baby Starter Spoon

When Dexter was weaning, we used a similar spoon called the Num Num, but they can be hard to get hold of in the UK, so instead I’m recommending these Choo Mee baby led weaning spoons which work in the exact same way.

Each spoon has food channels which grip to food such as yoghurt or porridge and requires less dexterity than the use of a usual spoon. Perfect for those baby led weaning babies who are ready to start using a spoon themselves to dip into food.

The spoons are silicone so are BPA free, dishwasher and microwave safe and most importantly promote independence for your child who can take the next steps at self feeding with cutlery.

Doddl Cutlery

Doddl cutlery in white and blue- a knife, fork and spoon, perfect for baby led weaning

Doddl’s ergonomic cutlery is perfect for little hands and really helps babies and toddlers learn how to use a knife, fork and spoon independently. They are marketed as suitable from 12 months+ but I highly recommend having this set on hand from as soon as you start your baby led weaning journey. (Perhaps leaving the knife until the toddler years)

Read our full review of Doddl cutlery here, including a really cute video of a 15 month old Dexter using the Doddl spoon to feed himself yoghurt.

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Sophie Durrans

Friday 17th of May 2019

We had the Munchkin heat spoons last time... And they drove me mad... Take ages to return to their normal colour!