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Here’s Why Your House Is So Cold

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There is nothing worse than the world turning into Spring weather, only to find that the house is still as cold as it was in January. You go into your house to warm up after a long day, not get colder, and when this is happening you can’t help but wonder why the house is still so chilly. You may also be reluctant to use your central heating, especially when you could be warm enough without it. The good news is that there are a number of ways that you can improve the temperature of your home and prevent it from being so cold all the time, but before you do that you have to know WHY it’s so chilly in the first place.

Cold air can seep in anywhere through the house, from the floorboards to the gaps in the windows and around the doors. It can even come in through the loft if your roof has broken tiles or isn’t insulated enough. Companies like JR & Co can come in and restore a damaged roof, but there are things that you need to check first to see whether you could be warming your house right now. So, with this in mind, we’ve got some of the reasons your house is so cold below.

 Snow Covered Wooden House Near Trees

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  • Single pane windows. Investing in an upgrade to your windows is important if you are a homeowner. If you’re renting your current property, then you will be able to make a case with your landlord about upgrading your windows, especially if the frost is forming on the inside. Not only will double glazing help to keep your home warmer for longer, you’ll save a ton of cash on your energy bills as you won’t use your heating as much. Windows are the perfect place for warm air to escape, so you need to make sure that your windows are upgraded!
  • No curtains on any windows. As important as it is to upgrade your windows to use the right thickness for your heating to stay in, you also should be dressing your windows with blinds, curtains and any materials that will keep them covered and keep the cold outside where it belongs. Keep two sets of curtains in the home: one set for summer and the other for winter.
  • Your doors are wooden. Did you know that wooden doors are draftier than PVC and metal doors? Cold draughts can filter right through the gaps created from aged doors or doors that have been poorly fitted. You can install draught-proof doors and make sure that they are made with PVC and have an air seal. This will prevent any cold air filtering through the gaps around the edges.
  • The roof is damaged. Have you taken a look at your roof and gutters yet this year? It’s about that time that you need to do your check to see the impact the colder winter months have had on the roof. Missing tiles, missing insulation and blocked and frozen gutters all need to be cleared and fixed properly so that you can avoid the wind whistling through the roof and the walls of the house.

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