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How to Improve Productivity in Your Manufacturing Company

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How to Improve Productivity in Your Manufacturing Company

It is widely agreed that the more you boost your manufacturing facility’s efficiency, the more you’ll grow your finances. Amidst the ongoing global health crisis, you may want to strategize your manufacturing business in a way that allows it to thrive in the new normal. This essentially starts with making efforts to increase your work output without sacrificing your quality standards. Below are five ways to improve the productivity of your manufacturing business.

1. Organize your workplace

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When you reduce clutter, you save time. Develop an optimal layout for your tools and equipment and minimize movement for improved efficiency. Creating a well-organized workplace also saves you time and makes it easier to find materials. You may also want to layout your manufacturing floor to maximize its efficiency. 

If you must always move your products from one point to another, that can take a dangerous toll on efficiency. Excess movement is a clear sign of bad organization in your manufacturing facility, and it can harm your production time in so many ways.

2. Review your current workflow

Perhaps you may never know what should be changed until you fully understand how everything functions in your company. Some key areas that contain crucial information and that you should focus on include people and processes. Ask yourself whether you have the right employees who are qualified to do their jobs to satisfaction. Are your objectives clearly defined? Do you have a project manager to oversee your business operations? Such questions will help you review your workflow and identify what needs to be improved.

3. Upgrade your technology

Map out your processes and figure out the pain points to determine what technology will best suit them. You may also want to consider using value stream mapping to analyze your improvements in your operations. Finally, review your equipment and technology as these are central to the productivity of your manufacturing facility. If your manufacturing machines are not properly maintained, they may not function optimally. Furthermore, precision measuring instruments and machine tool probing systems from Metrology Parts can help you maintain high-quality manufacturing standards.

4. Adopt lean manufacturing principles

Lean manufacturing is a manufacturing procedure that emphasizes the need to reduce waste, lower your inventory and improve efficiency. The history of lean manufacturing dates back to Toyota Production Systems, based on the principles of Henry Ford’s assembly line concept. Lean manufacturing’s core principles are often summarized as sorting tools by necessity, organizing parts, maintaining a clean work environment, and creating work schedules.

5. Stock your inventory smartly and encourage communication

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A manufacturing company will find it hard meeting its production demands if there’s no regular resupply of inventory. Having way too much stock on hand only costs you a great deal of money. So, why not implement good pricing strategies that will allow you to keep your balance? The bottom line is that you should be smart when stocking up on your inventory. 

You may also want to encourage the spirit of teamwork in your manufacturing company. Manufacturing teams can cooperate effectively if there’s effective communication among them. Strong communication unifies your team and bolsters your efforts to raise the bar.

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