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How to Serve Pancakes to Baby

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If you’re wondering how to serve pancakes to your baby you’ve come to the right place. Pancakes are one of our favourite dishes to offer on a baby led weaning journey as it’s a quick simple breakfast that can be served in so many different ways! Find out here how to serve pancakes to your baby, the answers to other commonly asked questions and a list of our favourite pancake recipes that use fun and nutritious ingredients.

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    dexter eating sweet potato pancakes

    How to Serve Pancakes to Baby

    Pancakes are a fun and nutritious breakfast option for babies. Here’s how you can serve pancakes to your baby:

    Preparation: Prepare pancakes using a simple recipe without added sugars or salt. Cook them until they are light and fluffy.

    Cutting: Cut the pancakes into small, manageable pieces that your baby can pick up easily. You can also tear them into bite-sized portions.

    Toppings: Serve pancakes plain or with a small amount of fruit puree, such as mashed bananas or applesauce. Avoid using syrup or honey for babies under one year old.

    Felix eating banana and spinach pancakes at the table

    Should I offer pancakes to my baby as a finger food or cut them into small pieces?

    You can do either based on your baby’s preference and developmental stage. Cut pancakes into small, bite-sized pieces or offer them as a whole pancake for your baby to hold and explore.

    The beauty of pancakes is they can be made into any size you wish. Larger sized pancakes can be cut intro strip, or mini pancakes can be served whole.

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    Can I make pancakes using whole wheat flour for added nutrition?

    Absolutely! Whole wheat flour can be used to make pancakes for your baby, providing additional fibre and nutrients.

    Felix testing out the spinach pancakes

    Can I serve pancakes with toppings like mashed fruit or yoghurt?

    Yes, you can add mashed fruit, such as banana or berries, or a dollop of plain yogurt on top of pancakes for added taste and nutritional value.

    Pumpkin pancakes for baby on a plate

    Our Favourite Pancake Recipes

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    Author: Nicola Hughes

    Nicola has weaned both of her boys using the baby led weaning method. She loves nothing better than creating simple recipes that anyone can recreate, using as few ingredients as possible. All of her recipes have been tried and tested by both Dexter and Felix and have their seal of approval!

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