Baby Led Weaning Recipe: Sweet Potato Pancakes

Sweet potato pancakes on a white plate with sweet potatoes in the background

As you may know, I have ditched the purée feeding in favour of Baby Led Weaning. This is all well and good, apart from I have a shed-load of purées stacked in my freezer. After the success of my Banana Pancakes, I thought, why not try the same concept but with sweet potato? This is how I made baby led weaning sweet potato pancakes.


I took out two cubes of puréed sweet potato from my stock pile and defrosted them in the microwave. (You can also steam sweet potato until soft and then mash into a thick purée or blend). I added one egg and whisked the concoction together with a fork until it became batter-like.

You can use any oil or butter to grease the pan, this time I used fry-light for ease. I then dolloped five tablespoons of the batter into the pan.

I left them to fry for four minutes before tentatively turning them with a large spatula. This bit can get pretty messy, just make sure you take your time and don’t panic if a bit of the batter comes loose. A nice hot hob helps!

Once flipped, I pressed down on the pancakes with my spatula to flatten them slightly and ensure they cooked right through. I left them again for four minutes.

Once cooked, I placed them on our Munchkin White Hot Plates to cool (these clever plates tell you when the food has sufficiently cooled enough to give to baby) and then served alongside some apple and clementine.

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Sweet potato pancakes on a white plate with sweet potatoes in the background

The Result

These pancakes are super easy for baby to pick up and very soft so they smush easily in baby’s mouth. They do create a lot of baby led weaning mess though, as they easily fall apart in baby’s hand. Dexter had lots of fun trying to pick up the bits that fell apart though.

The apple was peeled and sliced into finger sized pieces. He mainly sucked on these. Occasionally he was able to gum a small piece into his mouth. Next time I’ll soften them a little in the microwave.

Sweet potato pancakes on a white plate

The clementines were too small for him to pick up with his pincer grip as I’d cut them too small!

A simple and delicious recipe using sweet potato or yams to create pancakes suitable for baby Led Weaning from six months onwards

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  1. Lucy's Locket
    5th December 2016 / 1:23 pm

    I love sweet potato so might give this a go. I’ve done the banana ones but Lilly wasn’t a huge fan. I’ve given whole clementine pieces to Lilly. She just sucks the juices/inside out and spits out the skin. The skin worries me too as it could be a choking hazard

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