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How to Start Your Own Clothing Business

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If the last twelve months has taught us anything, it’s that we need to be able to pivot at any moment. Many of us faced redundancy, furlough or the closure of our small businesses during the toughest times of the pandemic and are still reeling from the fall out of this turmoil now. 

With a return to the office on the cards in the coming weeks, you may be wondering how you can pivot into a new role that keeps you working from home. I spoke to fashion wholesalers J5Fashion who are sharing their expertise on starting your own clothing business and escaping the mundaneness of the 9-5.

Why choose to sell clothing?

Wholesale clothing experts J5Fashion told me they’ve seen a huge increase in demand for fashion over the last twelve months. With many shops, eateries and leisure establishments having been closed for months on end, people have had more disposable income than ever before and have turned to buying new clothes ready for when life returns to normal again.

Even as life as started returning to normal over the last few months, this demand has continued to grow, meaning choosing to start a business selling clothing is still a really great idea.


How do you get started in selling clothes?

Firstly decide if you want to sell online or in your very own store. Naturally, selling online has much lower overheads than having your own store, but both options can bring you huge amounts of revenue.

Next you’ll need to find somewhere who can provide wholesale clothing UK based of course. This is where you’ll get your hands on the items you’ll need to stock your shop. 

J5Fashion are boutique clothing wholesalers who stock wholesale kids clothing and wholesale footwear among their huge range of fashion items. Here you’ll find everything your customers could ever possibly want.

Once you have your stock, you’re ready to sell. Set up an e-commerce website, list your products and wait for your very first sale! 

How can you market your products? 

Digital marketing is key when it comes to setting up an online store. We highly recommend paid advertising, using audience targeting to find and target your ideal customer. On top of this, you’ll need to do SEO work to ensure your website is ranking well on Google and set up accounts on social channels to showcase your incredible range of clothes and shoes. 

Word of mouth is also a vital tool when it comes to marketing your brand. Encourage your customers to leave reviews and motivate them to tell their friends by providing incentives such as discount vouchers. 

Finally, utilise email marketing. Email marketing is an important tool in sharing deals and offers as well as encouraging customers to revisit your website. 

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Is there anything else you need to consider?

Setting up your own business is no walk in the park. It’ll take hard work and determination to get it off the ground and it could be many months before you start to see profits. 

However, setting up your very own business is one of the most exhilarating and rewarding things you’ll ever do. There’s nothing quite like being a business owner as the opportunities to grow and develop are endless.

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